Best Crib Mattresses For Your Baby’s Safe Sleep -Updated

Expecting a baby? It is pretty exciting stuff. To help them grow big and healthy, you’ll need to choose the best place for the baby to sleep. And getting the best crib mattress is likely something you might have on top of your list of to-dos.

If you are like many ecstatic moms-to-be, you are operating in top-gear mode and readying up to give it the best you can offer. Many expectant moms go out of their way to get a brand new baby crib and crib mattress in around the third trimester of the pregnancy.

Or maybe it’s not your first child but this time around you are proactively looking for the best mattress for baby.

Still, you could be traveling to a mom-to-be friend or relative and are thoughtful enough to get them an ideal baby mattress as a goodwill gift. Why not get it right for them?

You’ve probably realized by now getting a good crib mattress for baby is quite the hassle.

Are you in hurry? Check out Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer: Our best organic baby crib constructed using plant-based foam for extra safety and odorless sleep for you cute little boy or girl.

We set out on a mission, our goal: to seek out, find, test and call on experienced moms who’ve been there before to pass and recommend the following best baby crib mattresses right now—so you don’t have to.

Top Baby Mattresses Compared

Crib Mattress Reviews 2019: 7 Best Organic Baby Crib Beds

After a good deal of hours treasure-hunting for just the right mix of the ideal crib mattress considerations, we found a couple that might help you get around the hassle of trying to find one while you feel you could be getting other things going. So here are the top 7 baby mattresses for cribs of 2019.

1. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface


  • Natural Materials
  • Incredible edge support
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Our editor’s choice

Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5

Right from the surface, this sleep surface is side-stitched, the top layer is waterproof, and there are no crevices to trap any fluids.

That ensures not only is it easy to clean by wiping with a damp washcloth, but also no moisture builds up on or inside it which could provide a festive breeding ground for mold and bacteria. And the extra-tight-sewn seams also keep any SIDS-like incidences at bay.

Still, the mattress comes dual-firm, meaning it has a firm surface for your baby and a softer, cushy-feel surface for when they grow and switch to a toddler bed (check our best bunk beds with stairs for children and toddlers here).

You might like that the baby side is constructed using plant-based foam for extra safety and odorless sleep for you cute little boy or girl.

That, combined with the hypoallergenic nature, GREENGUARD Gold certification and non-antimony fire retardant properties make it attractive to many parents despite being premium-priced according to some parents.

2. Soybean Foam Core by Sealy


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multiple award winner
  • CertPUR & GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Strain-resistant surface

Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5

Sealy’s organic crib mattress is a multiple award winner, and for good reasons.

It’s renewable, firm and durable soybeans core is both the CertiPUR US and GREENGUARD Gold-certified, so it’s safe and non-toxic for your baby. Sealy also made sure to fix a waterproof, strain-resistant surface to keep off mold and bacteria as well as make it ultra easy to clean.

It is also two-sided (dual firmness), so your child can use it for up to age 5, which also offers good value for money. Overall, the baby side feels firm and supportive.

And despite the plastic-ky feel of it, you’ll find side pockets for allowing air in and out of the mattresses’ innards for ventilation and curbing awful smells. You might like how lightweight the crib bed feels. That can help when you have to change sheets frequently after cleaning.

Some parents reported the bed tends to wear and soften around the corners and in the center with time. Sealy provides a lifetime warranty so if this ever happens you might not have anything to worry about.

3. Safety’s First Heavenly Dreams


  • Natural materials
  • Incredible comfort
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Waterproof and fire retardant

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5

Like the others, Safety’s crib mattress is waterproof, comes with a vinyl top layer, and is certified non-toxic.

All these ensure fluids do not wick into the core, causing wear and tear, mold and bacteria growth, as well as easy for cleaning (in spite of its conspicuous white color) and to keep your child safe from toxic substances.

Still, you can use it for up to 5 years when your child turns into a toddler bed since it is dual-firm.

You’ll also find that it fits snugly into most standard size cribs, so it won’t be a problem trying to ensure your child does not get pinned in any entrapping on the crib or beside a wall or furniture.

Add to that its GREENGUARD Gold certification and fire-retardant nature and you have one of the best crib mattresses on the baby market today.

4. Newton Wovenaire


  • Removable cover
  • Food polymer fabric cover
  • Made in the USA
  • Waterproof

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5

If you suspect your child might be allergic to latex and glue and want a crib mattress that also eliminates the need for springs, and foam, begin your search for this model.

It also scoops top marks for crib mattress breathability, meaning you can sleep easy knowing your baby can learn to play, move about in the crib without falling face first and having hard time breathing. They’ll also stay cool and enjoy longer, deeper sleep for proper growth and development.

And they won’t breathe anything bad for their little, delicate lungs either. This Newton’s baby mattress is made out of a food-polymer and 3-dimensional fabric cover.

It also comprises a removable cover which you can unzip and clean and zip right back for optimal sanitization. This wholly organic mattress for babies is lightweight for multiple changes, and thorough cleaning won’t be a huge task.

So while it is one pricey bed, it is innovative and comes with dual-firm fitted. So it can offer some top-of-the-line crib mattress benefits, unlike cheaper alternatives that barely last long enough to cruise past the baby and toddler years.

5. My First Premium Memory Foam by Kittrich


  • Great sleeping surface
  • Removable & machine washable cover
  • Made in the USA
  • Allergy resistance

Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5

True to its company name, The Premium Memory Foam babies sleeping surface is a great first for your child.

The unique thing about is it’s wholly made out of extra-firm memory foam. Medium-firm foam, as we’ve already discussed, is bad for your baby’s safety.

However, this one manages to flesh out soft spots that would otherwise entrap your little bundle of joy, overheat, collect fluids and wreck all manner of safety, hygiene, and allergy resistance.

Still, unlike other plastic-ky crib mattresses, it does not produce crackling sounds that might keep your baby from sleep. Yet, it comes with a completely removable, machine-washable cover made of polyester velour for easy cleaning. The polyester cover should also help

6. Colgate’s Eco Classica III


  • Removable cover
  • Wholly organic & certified non-toxic
  • Dual-firmness construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Waterproof surface cover

Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5

Here’s another wholly organic and certified non-toxic mattress for babies. It is constructed from plant-based oils as opposed to the more readily employed petroleum oils.

It doesn’t off-gas either and is schools and children certified for safe use and home air quality assurance.

You can get it if you want a sleeping surface that’ll provide firm support fits into most baby beds and offers overall great value for money. 

He or she is also likely to use it past the three years they’d need a crib for. Its dual-firmness construction ensures this—and either side is marked accordingly.

Colgate made sure to suit the mattress up with a cotton cover that is backed by a waterproof surface not only to protect the mattress from wear and tear from fluids but also guard your child against mold and bacteria.

Overall, the Colgate eco-friendly Classica crib mattress is a great fit for natural baby beds with the added benefits of innovative safety and health properties.

7. Naturepedic No-compromise Organic


  • 100% organic cottorn
  • Hypoallergenic & water resistant cover
  • Incredible edge-edge support
  • Made in the USA

Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5

Its name aptly describes it, and like the others on this crib mattress reviews list, you’ll love that it leaves little room for the unseen or SIDS incidences.

First, it is a no-brainer option for parents who want a fully organic baby bed and all the benefits of a hypoallergenic, waterproof and stain-resistant cover. That should help make safety assurance and cleaning easier for you and caregivers.

Still, you can have it grow with your baby right into toddlerhood as it comes with the dual-firmness properties of most babies’ mattresses on here.

In addition to saving you money in the long-term, that is also great in that they’ll have already adapted to sleeping on that particular surface so they are more willing to sleep early and stay asleep —which is great for their growth and development.

You definitely would need them to kick it so you can slide into your sheets and catch some reenergizing ZZZs.

Honorable Mentions

The following are truly worthy baby mattresses as well. 

a. Simmons Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers

b. My Green Mattress’ Organic and Natural Cotton and Wool

c. Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic

How to Choose a Crib Mattress for Your Baby

Here’s a quick preview of what to expect on this detailed baby crib mattress guide. So you can get right to the heart of your search.

If you know your baby’s life and sleep depends on how informed you are about the best crib mattresses around, you'll likely want to get into the meat of this guide.

So we went out of our way to get you the baby sleep care information you need to help you get that awesome crib mattress for safe, healthy and growth-inspiring sleep all days, every week. 

Should you buy a new crib mattress every time?

If you are expecting a second or third child, for example, you might still have your last baby mattress comfortably napping around waiting to help another round. It is cheaper. It can be useful, too. And, if you took care of it well the first time, it can get your baby through to toddlerhood, or so many moms and dads might think.

Pause for a second and imagine what the old crib mattress has had to deal in, poop, urine, vomit, and dozens of unforgiving scratches. Clearly, not only is not hygiene to reuse it, but it might be a bustling Garden of Eden for dust mites, mold and bacteria between the layers in there too. 

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) persist that a used crib mattress poses a significant risk to your baby's delicate life and well-being. Many independent, licensed pediatricians agree, too.

According to this study published on the British Medical Journal found, used crib mattress endangers your baby's life by exposing them to a potential risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

First, if getting it from someone else, for example, you might not know how well they took care of it and cleaned it. Chances are you’d expose your bundle of joy to a choke-full load of bacteria, mold and other dangerous infections.

An old crib mattress is not recommended for your baby’s sleep since it might be too soft for them as well. Soft crib mattresses are dangerous because they are the leading cause of SIDS.

They entrap babies, leaving the little ones struggling with motion, keeping airways open and, if they toss and turn, can lead to a horrific scene where the baby lies face down and can’t breathe—ghastly stuff to even imagine.

Babies need firmer sleep surfaces than adults, and a new crib mattress offers a great start from the first press.

Ways to prevent sudden infant death syndrome

First watch the video below to know what precautions to take for your new baby when it comes to sleeping safety and learn how to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

It is recommended that infants under 12 months be put to sleep in a crib with no soft bedding of any kind under or on top of the baby. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development suggest that soft bedding may be a major contributor to SIDS.

Revised recommendations by the CPSC, the AAP and the NICHD on how to reduce SIDS:

  • Remove quilts, pillows, sheepskins, comforters, toys and other soft products from the baby crib.
  • Place your baby on his/her back on firm and tight-fitting baby mattress in a crib that meets the safety standards.
  • Use a sleeper as an alternative to blankets with no other coverings.
  • If using a blanket, put baby with its feet at the foot of the crib. Tuck a thin blanket around the crib mattress, only as far as the baby's chest.
  • Make sure your baby's head remains uncovered during sleep.
  • Do not place baby on a sofa, waterbed, pillow, soft mattress or any other soft surface to sleep.

What are the types of baby mattresses for the right crib?

So, what’s the lowdown on crib mattress types?

1. Innerspring

Moms report loving innerspring mattresses and recommend these to new moms because of their firmness, especially.

This variety hosts steel coils, covered in padding, foam, and fabric. The best innerspring mattresses for use in a crib have thicker steel coils (lower-gauge). These offer a firmer sleeping surface hence curb against SIDS.   

Read More: Our review of the top rated innerspring beds

2. Memory Foam

While the conforming quality of memory foam mattresses is recommendable for adult beds, you’ll need to choose a firm foam mattress for him or her. Foam mattresses for baby cribs are lightweight compared to say, innerspring ones, but the conforming, soft tendencies expose him to the hazard of SIDS.

You’ll want to choose a foam baby mattress that snaps back quickly after pressing it in, hence firm, and a heavier one to guarantee optimal density.

More reading: The Best Memory Foam Beds You Can Buy in 2019

3. Organic cribs

Organic mattresses for babies are made of natural materials that protect your child from allergens, bacteria, and mold—and, in some combinations, against fire.

You’ll find a couple, too: cotton, natural latex, wool, food-polymers, coconut fiber, and so on. The aim here is always to provide a safe sleeping surface from infection-causing agents in some mattress types and brands.

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What to look out for when buying a baby crib bed?

Wondering how to get the best baby mattress for your child?

This is what licensed pediatricians advise you check and check before committing to buy a crib mattress.

i. Check for the right firmness

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you lay your child on their back on a firm mattress for safe sleep. Adult and air beds, for example, are usually too soft for babies to maintain a clear airway, engulfing them and hence increasing the risk of SIDS.

Be sure to conduct THE test. Simply press down that adorable new mattress at the store and notice how fast it snaps back up or how resilient it is too pressing—the faster and more resilient it is the better.

If buying online, dig into the specifics about the mattress’ firmness. Your baby needs the extra support.

Usually, these are 3-6 inches in thickness. If it feels too firm for you, it might be great for your cuddly little angel.

ii. Ensure it is the right size and fits your crib snugly

A good crib mattress cuddles the dimensions of your crib just right. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development advise that you first measure your crib before getting a mattress to pin on it. The same goes for crib beddings.

You can do this by trying to fit two fingers into the space between the crib frame and baby’s mattress. If they fit, the mattress is quite small and might get you tiny boy or girl stuck, squeezed and struggling to breathe.

Remember babies spend most of their days in that crib. They’ll learn to toss, turn, play, push up and become little adventurers there, so you’ll want to cover every tiny gaping hole to avoid unwanted incidents.   

iii. Look out for “Breathability” signals

In recent times, the breathability aspect of a baby mattress has come under sharp scrutiny, and we find a good case for it.

A breathable mattress will be made of materials that allow your little angel to breathe through them, even if they are lying face down and you are not around to rescue them.

It’s a caring consideration to make.

secure beginnings breathable crib mattress

Breathable mattress will make it easy for your little angel to breathe even if they are lying face down.

iv. Find out if it’s the right density

The density affects how firm your baby mattress is, how long it’ll last and how safe it is for your little man or lady.

Typically, the heavier the crib mattress, the denser it is, hence firmer and stronger and more durable.

For innerspring baby mattresses, look for one that sports lower-gauge (15.5 and lower) steel coils—about 135 of those. Check the mattress label. It should be indicated there.

v. See if it can last your child all the way

Combine the considerations we’ve discussed above and ask if you truly believe your preferred choice will last up to 3 years—the time your baby will need it before moving to a toddler bed.

Some brands make their crib mattresses in a dual mode. These have a firm side for baby years and a softer, cushier side for toddler years. If it's not firm or dense enough, it won’t matter because it won’t live that long.

vi. You’ll want to find an easy to clean crib bed

Most moms agree that their huggy little girls and boys grow fast. In that time they become naughty painters, using poop and urine to leave a mark.

But you know better. So to maintain a safe environment, you’ll find you need to clean your mattress too often. It helps if you find an easy to clean crib mattress. If it comes with a fitting cover that’s easily removable and machine washable that’d be awesome.

Some moms (and dads) clean their child’s mattress weekly, so if it comes with a waterproof surface cover not only is it easy to clean but you also won’t need to frequently drag that heavy thing to the bathtub to hose it clean—just use wipes to polish it.

vi. Seek out those certifications

Check if it meets the most current safety standards.

Check if baby mattress is CertiPUR-US certified in the case of memory foam beds. Meaning that the bed should be hypoallergenic, come with dust and dust mite resistance features, and so on.

CertiPUR-US Certification

Dig deeper to find the flame retardant types used. Some are believed to cause cancer and bad odors, which is not what any parent wants for their child.

viii. So it helps if it the right weight

Weight might be something you might want to consider when buying a crib mattress for this reason—plus you need to lift and turn it around after every thorough wash to re-fit its sheets.

After a good deal of hours treasure-hunting for just the right mix of the ideal crib mattress considerations, we found a couple that might help you get around the hassle of trying to find one while you feel you could be getting other things going. So here are the top 7 baby mattresses for cribs of 2019.


Choosing a crib mattress can be quite the daunting task, but it doesn't have to be—at least not now. Our top picks for best seven crib mattresses for a baby check all the right boxes to ensure your child sleeps great every time. You can also rest easy knowing they are safe, healthy and you made a fantastic investment that’ll last them long.

Feel free to follow up on our top recommended crib mattress, the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual-Sleep Surface, if you want a pointer in the right direction. But feel free to check out each one and make your own informed choice—baby will thank you for it.