10 Top Rated Memory Foam Beds You Can Buy in 2020 -Updated

Let set things straight. This year I've spent over 100 days and tested over 50 different memory foam mattresses.  Most of them sucked but these 10 top memory foam mattress for 2019 really fit the bill.

The question I encounter mostly is which is the best bed in this category?

I don’t think there is necessarily one ‘best’ memory foam mattress, but there are so many polyurethane mattresses on offer right now that a buyer’s head would spin when striving to pick out one of the bunch.

This is particularly true if you’re shopping for a reliable foam mattress for the first time or after many years.

Are you in hurry? Check out Sleep Innovations Shiloh: A 12-inch bed beautifully tailored with enhanced cushioning ideal for any position you sleep in, or if you toss and turn..

In this guide to buying the best foam mattress in the market right now, I’ll highlight what a foam mattress really is, what to look for in a quality memory mattress when shopping, and recommend our top 10 foam mattresses right now.

What Is a Memory Foam Mattress?

This is a bed made out of high-density polyurethane material. This material is treated with additional chemicals that are either low or free of toxic properties to increase both density and viscosity of the final product.

In particular, though, the polyurethane material used to make the most popular foam mattresses in the market right now is of a viscoelastic nature. This property is what gives a polyurethane-based mattress its most common stand out feature; the unique foam responds to body heat and pressure. After lying on one for a couple of minutes, and heating it up, it “sinks” slightly in-line with a body’s shape and returns back up when the heat and pressure are released after getting up.

Memory foam sleeping surfaces have really caught on in the past two decades in homes, hotels and where not across the US, UK and worldwide for these reasons. However, a quality mattress does not come cheap. Still, after finding a mattress for one’s sleeping style and preferences, it can last up to and beyond 10 years—depending on other factors.

If it is going to last for as long as a decade, it is then imperative to give the foam mattress purchasing decision some good consideration.

A poor quality sleep surface will make sleep time unbearable by instigating back and joint pain to the point of sabotaging countless nights’ rest over the days, weeks, months and years one might have it.

A low-quality foam mattress is certain to exaggerate whole-bed movement such that the sleeper and sleeping partner may have a hard time accommodating each other in bed especially if both have different sleeping habits and preferences.

Which is the right mattress for you?

Best memory foam mattress 2017

While there’s not much wrong with brand loyalty, when shopping, be sure to pay for mattress quality as opposed to buying the brand name. Over time, we have slept on a variety of sleep surfaces, and can tell that some no-name sleep care startup can make a quality foam pad for many different sleep preferences—and some big-name brands can do just the opposite and make a poor-quality pad.

After sleeping and reviewing over 30 beds at this point, Sleep Innovations Shiloh is my top pick because of its high-end construct and quality materials – I believe they deliver one of the best available in the market.

It’s not the cheapest on the market, but they do offer great value for money.

Top Rated Memory Foam Mattress 2019

I’ve reviewed over 30 memory foam mattresses, with the four below ranking top for value for money, budget, luxury, and comfort.

These mattresses rank amongst my top mattress reviews in general, as well as in categories like beds for back pain.

Guide to Buying A Memory Foam Mattress

So, what to look out for in a low-resilience polyurethane foam mattress to determine if it is worth it?

1. Support/comfort tradeoff

The comfort of a sleeping surface refers to how luxurious and soothing it feels; it is largely a matter of personal taste. Support, on the other hand, is more technical. It describes the ability of a foam’s creation, build material, and design to relieve pressure from/on body pressure points in contact with it. Pressure points vary with a sleeper’s sleeping style but generally include the shoulders, hips, chest, ribs, knees, butt, and heels.

The best choice of memory foam does not sacrifice either for just one of these. Rather, the best mattresses offer both support and comfort in a nice balance. The polyurethane foam feel is one of deep compression and hug.

The factors that affect the comfort and/or support level of a foam are:

1. Thickness

Meaning of memory foam

The thickness or the height of a sleeping surface refers to its depth. While not everyone is the same, aim for a surface that is at least 4 inches thick or tall. Universally, 7.6 cm (3 inches) is most popular. At this much thickness, the foam surface is likely to conform to any body type just right.

Most manufacturers will layer the height of a mattress with varying firmness and density sheets. Keep in mind that beds are not entirely made up of memory foam. They usually combine some other base support material on which the polyurethane foam is topped.

The base layer is usually denser and is mostly geared towards support than comfort. The upper layers are softer and are meant to highlight relaxation.

Thickness will also dictate as to how durable the new bed surface is. For example, if a mattress has a 2-inch foam over a 7-inch core/base and another has a 1-inch layer over an 8-inch support base, the latter is less durable over time.

Yet, opting for too much (5-inch and over) memory foam topping may defeat the polyurethane foam feel and come off feeling too cushy—where the sleeper feels sunk.

3. Density of the mattress

Density refers to the ratio of polymer to air/spaces. Fewer polymers and more air/spaces equal less density, and more polymers and less air/spaces result in a more compact sleeping surface.

It's measured by weight in pounds of a 12-inch by 12-inch material i.e pounds per cubic foot (PCF), for example, 3.5 PCF and here are the three common density levels:

  • Low – 3.5 PCF or below
  • Medium  – 3.5-5.0 (Golden density range)
  • High density – 5.0 or above

Higher density will give you longer lifespan for your new bed. It also implies that it will be hotter to sleep on.

To determine the most ideal density consider the following:

  • Your weight: Go for higher density if you are weighty
  • Sleeping style: Most sleepers do fine with medium to medium-firm
  • Purpose: more people and more activity such as sex need a denser pad

However, low-density surfaces with thicker layers of memory foam can feel too cushy and add to a sinking feel that tends to restrict movement. A high-density is likely to last long, offer deep compression and pain relief, but also tend to trap more heat (sleep hot).

Are you overweight? Read our full guide with the best beds for heavy people.

4. Firmness and ILD

This refers to Indentation Load Deflection. Simply, it a number assigned to signify the measure of the force required to compress a 4-inch mattress down by 25% or 1-inch. Higher numbers indicate firmer material while softer material reflects in lower numbers. Most memory foam layers range in the 10 to 16 ILD range. Most cores/bases range in the 20 to 45 ILD range. Buyers who prefer more elaborate descriptions than mere “soft” or “firm” will benefit from checking whether this information is indicated on the label—some do and some do not, though.

The thickness and number of layers used affect firmness as well. Still, the temperature sensitivity of the type of foam under assessment will also weigh in, so check this too. At room temperature, most memory foam types are relatively firm but tend to soften somewhat when temperatures rise over some time.

5. Type of memory foam

There are primarily three types: traditional, plant-based and gel-based.

Traditional: This comes from the original processing of sole petrochemicals to make polyurethane. This variety provides good old pain relief and temperature sensitivity but can sleep hot and produce that petrochemical odor especially while new for some time. This variety has higher density, offering more hug and contouring than the other two. But it is slow to respond/contour and rise right back.

Perhaps the indicator of heat sensitivity is in design/manufacturing. Some designs such as open cell memory foam fabricated using a manufacturing process that injects air in the foam, achieve a more compact form than traditional foams. This has the effect of increasing compression and pain relief from pressure points, while adequately aerating the foam to drop temperatures and provide more cushion than in traditional, closed-cell manufacturing poly foams.

Plant-based: These were essentially made to at least reduce the odorous off-gassing and sleeping hot shortfalls of the traditional variety. Here, more plant material is used compared to petrochemicals to lower temperature sensitivity and stinking off-gassing. This has shown to reduce sleeping hot tendencies and reduce odor to even within 24-hour spans after delivery to the home.

typical gel based memory bed

Typical gel based memory surface

Gel-based: Layered/thin sheets, liquid or beaded gels are added to traditional poly-foams are here. This most recent memory bed advancement’s goal is to offer more relief to sleeping hot than both the above foam types but many owners and independent tests have yet to point to much of a difference. Nowadays some manufacturers claim they “gel-infuse” their pads but this is mostly a marketing stunt.

6. Right mattress size

What we would recommend is buying a mattress the size of one's bed. In another word, choose a size to fit your bed snugly. Contemporary sizes range from twin to Queen sizes.

7. Toxicity level

Watch out for polyurethane foams that come with a CertiPUR-US sticker. This would certify the foam mattress has met the CertiPUR-US standard (or similar standards) for testing for specific toxins.

8. Motion transfer or movement isolation

Generally, they offer the best motion resistance among all mattress types.

If sleeping together, for example, a mattress that offers less motion transfer across the bed is preferable, especially important when partners have different styles of sleeping and sleeping habits.

Where one partner tosses and turns throughout the nights, we would advise purchasing a memory foam mattress that will reduce the effects of the constant movement to the other partner.

The density of the mattress, together with design and firmness, affect motion transfer. Low-density, soft mattresses cause the most disturbances across the bed. Denser, firmer foams make for less turbulent experiences for everyone.

The contouring action of this type of mattress ensures the sleeper is held in place and is less pertained by the motion of others. The medium to medium-firm foam bed is the most likely to counter reverberations.

9. Mattress price/budget

Comparing mattress prices and looking out for fitting warranties is a prudent thing to do. On top of both, though, is testing the particular bed surface of interest. The goal here is to experience the actual feel of the mattresses before committing a chunk of money and commitment towards a potentially bad purchase.

If the store or dealer or manufacturer allows it, take the mattress. Then spend a couple of days sleeping on it in pretty much the same way as the previous mattress. This can help to compare what feels different (either negatively or positively) about the new sleeping surface. Also, it can help determine whether the new sleep surface arrangement fits your bed, lifestyle between the sheets, sleeping style, weight, and so on.

Manufacturers will usually instruct against removing the plastic bag wrapped around the new bed surface to preserve satisfactory hygienic conditions upon return. Ensure to stick to the requirement to avoid fines or having to buy a less than a satisfactory mattress. Also, choose sellers/dealers offering longer return policies such as a 30-day return one to extend the trial period to test the pad thoroughly.

Also browse online to read independent laboratory, user and industry platforms’ reviews concerning a particular brand or type of memory mattress. Most test results quoted by the manufacturer are almost always internal assessments that are not always on point.

Still, online sellers tend to sell cheaper and offer better memory foam mattress deals compared to brick-and-mortar, dealer-to-customer sellers.

As mentioned in other sections of this guide, foam bed pricing will depend on a number of factors. These include:

  • Density: the higher the more expensive
  • Thickness: the thicker the more expensive
  • Cover material: high quality covering commands a higher price, and so on

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2019

1. Sleep Innovations Shiloh (Editor's Choice)

Sleep Innovations Shiloh delivers the best memory foam mattress for any position you sleep in, or if you toss and turn.

This new look, beautifully tailored bed comes with enhanced cushioning with light cradling comfort and medium feel for better pressure point relief and personalized alignment.

For sleepers with average to big bodies, Sleep Innovations’ 12-inch Shiloh memory bed surface is the best option. The company adds a 2.5-inch polyurethane topping to ensure optimum sleep temperature, breathability and cradling comfort.

The 9.5-inch base ensures this one is a well-supporting, conformity mattress.

sleep innovations shilloh memory foam mattress

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Sleepers who value deep sleep can opt for the Alden 14-inch bed and those undecided on a favorite sleeping position can curl up, toss and turn on the 12-inch Taylor for improved comfort and rest.

Our readers report good sleeping experiences for the sub $500 pricing, although we would still recommend buyers to take advantage of the company’s 30-day home trial and friendly return policy before making a purchasing decision.

2. Leesa 

Leesa gets good reviews online for a couple of things. First, it’s got its own comfort foam layer that in fact ends up with feeling a sense of comfort.

We found it convenient that they have a long home trial and money back guarantee policy, presenting little risk in the buying. Expect the 10-inch thick foam bed to be comfortable, cooling, conforming and reasonably priced. The mattress feels suited for all types of sleepers and beds as well.

Leesa is a bed-in-a-box company based in the US, where they produce this bed complying with the CertiPUR-US standards for quality and toxicity reduction. The package is also delivered right to the doorstep.

leesa foam mattress

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5

3. Eve

Eve delivers top-of-the-range finesse at a surprising price, receiving excellent reviews across the globe—particularly in the US and UK.

The mattress packs breathable cooling and contouring memory layer for increased comfort, safety, health and quality sleep. The three-layer, overall support base is thick and plush, which offers good support for almost every sleeper’s style of napping and pressure points.

Eve is made to be a one-stop sleeping surface solution and works on all types and sizes. To test this, discerning sleepers get a 100-day money back home trial offer to get the fee for Eve first hand.

eve mattress

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Eve consistently receives good ratings, promising an overall superior satisfaction.

4. Amerisleep

Amerisleep secret lies in its high-end construct and quality materials while it manages to slash its pricing to strategically position it in the mid-range category.

Like the Loom & Leaf, Amerisleep is made in America by a reputed company, meeting the CertiPUR-US criteria for quality and safety.

The medium-firm is made from organic, soybean oil (plant-based) to keep both the sleeper and environment healthy and safe. The plant-based foam also makes the mattress not to sleep hot, one of the most common complaints I hear and share about memory mattresses. It is Celliant-infused to regulate sleep temperature as well.

winner best memory mattress category

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Most reviewers find the density, durability, odor, comfort, support, and value for money of the Amerisleep to be above satisfactory.

5. Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf is our very close contender for overall best bed in this category.

Yet, the company still manages to offer a full line of contemporary sizes, all without losing the attention to detail they are known for.

The Loom & Leaf is very popular for its top-of-line quality and luxurious feel while at the same time offering the highest value for money in the market right now—about 50% lower than a Tempur-Pedic Saatva, who build the entire Loom & Leaf in America, use an online-only business model to keep costs low and consequently price the Loom & Leaf significantly lower than the competition.

loom & leaf memory mattress

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

After reviewing this product thoroughly, we have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best mattress for your money. There’s no arguing the gel-cooling properties, organic cotton, and breathable material keep sleepers safe and healthy. The 5 lbs. density makes it comfortable, durable and suited for all kind of sleeping positions.

Also, unlike the competition, Loom & Leaf ships whole (unrolled), is delivered to the buyer’s home and set in their room of choice for no additional fees.

6. Best Price Mattress Grand

Next is the Best Price Mattress Grand which is about more comfort and less stuck. The conformity level of the mattress derives from a 2.5-inch memory foam layer, 3-inch super soft layer and a support core measuring 6.5 inches.

With over 4000 reviews from customers most of which spell high satisfaction. Most owners think this bed provides a pressure relief system in their deep sleeper 12-inch Grand surface, in particular.

Also, as the brand name suggests, the CertiPUR-US certified Grand products are some of the cheapest, online-only sleeping surfaces on the market today.

Memory Foam Mattress 2017

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Sometimes they’ll hold a promotion campaign and shell out up to 50% of the marked price.

7. Lucid Plush 14

Lucid created a plush memory foam mattress that conforms to comfort and is cheap. Add the 25-year warranty they attach to the receipt and the Plush 14 is a superior deal.

One size does not fit it all. So the Lucid Plush 14 bed is available in Twin all the way up to the King and Queen mattresses to suit different people’s lifestyles and budgets. The well-reputed company uses top-quality Tencel fabric blend to cover the mattress and ensure luxurious plush-ness, comfort, breathability, and its coziness.

The foam is ventilated with organic material (bamboo charcoal-infusion) to eliminate odorous off-gassing, ensure optimal back support.

Lucid memory mattress

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Most reviewers rate the Lucid Plush 14 highly for a plush feel, overall comfort, durability, value for money and conforming support.

8. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 13

DreamFoam Bedding made the Ultimate Dreams 13 to feel like the soft Cloud-Luxe mattress readily available at the beddings store. However, they manage top do a superior job than the latter while keeping prices low to make this a good mattress deal in 2019.

It’s made of a soft, gel foam to help reduce sleeping temperature significantly. It also offers superior comfort and proper body alignment so sleepers can sleep all night and wake up refreshed without aching joints and back ready to enjoy the rest of their day.

Try out their 90-day home trial offer to see if the DreamFoam wakes up to be the dream foam mattress.

gel memory foam mattress

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Their line of memory mattress options is entirely made in America, and all are CertiPUR-US certified.

9. Dynasty Luxury Grand

This other Grand mattress is especially suitable for people looking to satisfy a craving for calm, uninterrupted sleep. The mattress offers a calmly cuddling feel, adjusts to the sleeper’s body temperature, body shape, and comfort zone as far as sleeping styles go.

Our experience and feedback from multiple reviews lead us to believe the Dynasty Luxury Grand 15-inch (with 7.5 inches of viscoelastic foam top) alleviates pressure from pressure points.

The high-quality, CertiPUR-US certified build material make for a safe, comfort and conducive sleeping environment for the refined sleeper.

DynastyMattress Memory

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

10. Brentwood Home Bamboo

If looking for an organic mattress that is safe and eco-friendly, Brentwood’s Home Bamboo Gel mattress has some properties that can help.

Instead of using chemical fire retardants, the American-made memory uses hydrated silica sand instead.

Then it is lined in New Zealand wool, another natural firewall to ensure safety at all times.

The 13-inch number is also easy to maneuver and assemble, cuddles comfortably, and offers good support for multiple sleepers’ styles and motion isolation.

Brentwood Home Bamboo Mattress

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

11. Sleep Innovations Shea

The Shea mattress provides a decent memory sleeping surface option for the astute buyer who is not after what everyone else wants. The Shea is handcrafted to sleep surface perfection for the price.

Sleep Innovations presents a new design and lightly hugging feel in this 10-inch foam choice. The medium feel of it, make this an adaptable foam for the smaller and bigger body, as well as ideal for both back and side sleepers.

The 10-inch polyurethane splits into a 3-inch organic and cooling layer supported by a 7-inch base.

Sleep Innovations 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5


With all the memory foam mattress options in the 2019 market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer selection easily available online and offline. To start with, choosing the best mattress right now for your specific needs calls for above-average knowledge on what’s on offer so far, why to choose a foam bed over other mattress types, and what to look for in one to aid in making a good purchase decision that’ll show up to 10 years later.

Furthermore, each bed experience feels different for different people, so we recommend taking advantage of most dealers’ home trials and return policies to get a feel for the viscoelastic sleeping surface in your own free time and comfort of your home and loved one. The rule of thumb is to compare the new sleeping experience to what has been and deciding what needs to head out the door.

The best polyurethane foam bed consistently ranks highly in reviews on a satisfaction scale, is the right size, right density, provides the best combination of support/comfort, safety, and temperature-controlling properties, as well as sells for a reasonable price. Hopefully, our best memory foam mattresses of 2017 helps you select and buy the best for you and your loved one(s).