Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews 2020: Ultimate Guide

Today I’m going to show you the best innerspring mattresses of 2018. As of now we’ve analyzed nearly every available coil mattress on the market.

Considering that a mattress is one of the quintessential ingredients to a good night’s sleep, not to mention the common denominator when it comes to back aches and pains, choosing the best mattress is one of the most important thing you can do for your health. This is why buying a mattress can turn into your worst nightmare. Being stuck with a substandard mattress that can do more damage than good is a decision you are bound to be reminded of frequently every morning and night.

Despite what people say, innerspring mattresses are still a darling of many. Though they’re rated lower than memory foam, latex and air, still they offer great bounce, edge support, and a cooling effect.

From the qualities of an innerspring mattress to the tips and tricks on how to choose a mattress, information is your weapon of choice in making the best decision. In addition, your tastes and preferences play a key role in choosing a mattress for sound sleep and a healthy back. Testing a mattress does not hurt especially if you are getting it from a store. Be on the lookout for special offers and sales to ensure you get the best mattress without breaking the bank.

Top 10 Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews of 2018

I’ve reviewed over 20 innerspring mattresses, with the four below ranking top for value for money, luxury, budget, and comfort.

  • Overall winner: Saatva
  • Value for money: Sapira
  • Luxury/Comfort: Helix Hybrid
  • Budget: WinkBeds

Saatva Mattress

Saatva innerspring mattressRediscover your sleep with Saatva mattress that offers optimum motion isolation. Made of high quality coil on coil construction, the lower coil unit offers a connected steel support base. The top coil unit with individually pocketed coils supports your body while conforming to its shape. Using a dual perimeter edge support system, the upper coils are foam sheathed for durability and comfort making it suitable for side sleepers.

The lower coil tempered steel support base ensures Saatva luxury mattress does not sag, rendering it durable. The lumbar support enhancement provides increased pressure relief for stress reduction from your lower back.  For optimum comfort and sustainability, this eco-friendly mattress offers three levels of firmness that you can choose from.  The levels plush soft, luxury firm and firm are tailored to suit you depending on your sleeping style, whether you are a couple with varying sleeping needs or firmness based on a recommendation by a health professional.

Sapira Mattress

Sapira ReviewImagine getting a mattress for 100 nights and being able to return it hassle free. Sounds like a dream but a dream is what you will have with Sapira mattress.  It combines pocket springs and high quality foams for a plush sleep surface. Enhanced by the five layers of coil and foam, resulting to extra-ordinary firmness and support, this mattress is nothing short of a dream.

Designed as hybrid memory foam, it serves a myriad of sleep needs, including a 10 year warranty. That back pain will be a thing of the past with the support and perfect sinkage this 11-inch mattress offers to relieve the pain and pressure. An added perk is basking in the knowledge that when you buy a Sapira Mattress, you are part of a donation and tree planting albeit passively!

Winkbeds Innerspring Mattress

WinkBeds Mattress ReviewA hybrid mattress offering a plush feeling combined with sturdy support. Whether you’re heavy or not, this mattress will support your weight and that of your partner. It has the allure of a foam mattress and the experience of a spring one. Choose your sleeping style and WinkBeds will handle it thanks to the 2-inch top foam that sinks in to accommodate your weight.

WinkBeds may be an innerspring mattress but also contains pocket coils and memory foam. It gives some motion transfer and though not as sturdy as memory foam, it is luxurious and bearable for an innerspring mattress. This breathable mattress that does not allow you to sleep with uncomfortable heat can be found online only with a 101 day trial period.

Alexander Hybrid Mattress

alexander hybrid mattressThe 13-inch Alexander Hybrid Mattress boasts four separate layers including the cover, two foam layers and a pocketed coil layer. The top most layers facilitate air flow as well as relieving pressure points between the mattress and your body. The second layer cools your body by cooling the sleeping surface using the copper infused gel memory foam. The third layer supports your body and the last layer of pocketed coils offers compression support while acting as the foundation. You can enjoy a bouncy, balanced feel.

Enjoy two levels of firmness depending on your preference and needs. You get just the right amount of hug and sinkage for an aligned spine and relief of pressure points. The available motion transfer is enough not to disturb your partner during sleep. The edge support with edge support coils is a welcome perk. You can be sure you will not fall off the mattress at any cost.

Helix Mattress

Helix mattressIf you are hankering for a personalized mattress design, look no further than the Helix mattress. At Helix mattress, it is not business as usual with the one-size-fits-all but you can answer a few questions to determine your tastes and preferences. Layers can differ since the mattress is customized but the materials and functions for the layers are standardized. The top layer would be for comfort made of poly foam. It offers cooling, bounce and firmness.

The second layer offers support and pressure relief courtesy of the individualized microcoils. The third layer is a poly foam transitional support layer. It offers deep compression support and enhances the functions of the comfort and base layers. The bottom layer is the foundation for the comfort layers.

You can get a blended mattress to suit each bedfellow.  It looks at each sleeper’s needs for a mattress that prioritizes these needs. A split mattress also made on order designs two separate mattresses in one. The result is a seamless mattress offering comfort to two people in one bed.

Brentwood Home

Brentwood home springBrentwood Home’s handcrafted non-toxic bamboo mattresses are availed cheaply by eliminating middlemen and retail markups. You are assured of spinal alignment and pressure relief as the gel memory foam contours the mattress to your body providing even weight distribution. This mattress accommodates different sleeping styles and is ideal for couples as there is motion isolation.

The base foam minimizes motion transfer and prevents noise. Your mattress will have no odor with the natural antimicrobial and the New Zealand Wool that wicks moisture regulates the temperature. You get a 25 year limited warranty with this mattress that is CertiPUR-US certified for its non-toxic nature.

Voila Mattress

voila hybridVoila mattress, a hybrid mattress standing at 10 – 12 inches comes in three firmness levels for varying needs; plush, medium and firm. It is aesthetically pleasing with a thick cover that provides a soft layer without retaining an undue amount of heat providing adequate cooling and comfort. The blend of mesh and fabric allows the air to flow freely, facilitating the cooling process. The sinkage and hug is balanced since the memory and latex foam creates pressure relief.

The pocketed coil system provides support, response and bounce. Spinal alignment is healthy and the edge support ensures you are safely tucked in the sleeping surface.


Aviya innerspring bedThere is something about handmade products that elevates comfort and durability. Aviya mattress is hand made using environmental friendly foams.  With a 100 night trail period and 10 year warranty, Aviya’s offer would tempt anyone. Blending quality foams and innerspring system, comfort and support is what Aviya offers.

Aviya has three levels of firmness to suit your fancy. It may have a top foam layer but feels like a spring mattress, enhancing its beauty as a hybrid.  Its feel leans more towards an innerspring mattress as opposed to foam. It has adequate motion isolation if you have a partner.

Signature Sleep 13

Signature Sleep 13Signature Sleep Signature 13 Inch is available in a variety of sizes and can fit in kid size beds, bunk beds to family sized king size beds for the whole family. It comes in an eco-friendly durable bamboo mattress cover for absorption of moisture and breathability. This mattress features 10-inch individually encased coils that ensure even weight distribution by having the mattress conform to your body shape. It relieves pressure points for maximum comfort and minimizes motion disturbance.

The coils are cushioned between layers of foam for durability and long lasting comfort. The Signature Sleep 13 inch mattress offers a firm centre for lower back and hips support.

DreamFoam Spring Dreams

DreamFoam SpringThe DreamFoam Spring Dreams mattress has a quilted layer to minimize the feel of coils and provide a comfortable sleeping surface. The individually encased coils reduce pressure and minimize motion transfer so two people sharing a bed can enjoy maximum comfort. The bottom layer quilted foam allows the mattress to be reversed enhancing its durability. It is firm, does not sag and contours beautifully to the body while sleeping.  It is plush enough for comfort

It is quiet with the springs moving without producing noise and has no chemical smell though has a slight smell to it due to the Aloe Vera print it has.

Qualities Of A Good Innerspring Mattress  

Sleep being a basic need can influence your productivity, memory, blood pressure, inflammation, athletic performance, learning ability, attention, metabolism, stress, lifespan, creativity and happiness. The importance of a comfortable mattress cannot be emphasized enough. The market is awash with mattress brands marketed both online and directly in stores. Various factors determine the quality of a good mattress.

1. Springs and Coils for Back Support

pocket coilsIt may be easy to assume that a high-end mattress has a higher concentration in the number of coils. This may not be so. The wires in the coils vary in thickness. A firm mattress may have a lower gauge which is indicative of thicker, stiff wire.

When it comes to mattresses, firmness may be relative. What seems solid to you may not be as firm to another person. Mattress firmness springs and coils go hand in hand. As you sleep, you want a mattress that will conform to your spine’s natural position.

Your body weight will be distributed evenly providing optimum support. Such mattresses do not wear out quickly. Lighter weights can benefit from softer mattresses as opposed to heavy weights. Some manufacturers produce mattresses with varying tensions on both sides of the mattress to cater to couples with differing weights.

2. Padding for Comfort

Padding in a mattress adds comfort. A padded mattress denotes a higher quality mattress affecting the price tag. Padding may be of polyurethane foam, puffed-up polyester or cotton batting. The middle padding usually made of foam, is right underneath the quilted top layer.  The next layer made of cotton batting comes in a variety of thickness. All these add to the firmness of the mattress. Insulation padding is at the top of the springs to protect the top layers of the mattress from damage by the coils.

3. Ticking and Quilting

Polyester or cotton-polyester blend forms the outer layer of a mattress. The quilting attaches the ticking to the top layer of the mattress. Quality mattresses have even stitching with unbroken stitches on the quilting.

4. Material used

Apart from the classics, mattresses may be made of memory foam or latex foam. Foam mattresses have varying levels of firmness to give you options depending on your back condition.  It gives leeway for personal preference in choosing a mattress with different densities.

5. Durability

You do not want to buy a mattress that calls for a change after every two years. A mattress should ideally last for 8 – 10 years. You may be able to tell a mattresses’ durability by sitting on it and checking whether it loses it comfort or shifts it weight or remains stable and comfortable.

Comfort, durability and support are synonymous with a high quality mattress.  So what do you look for when buying a mattress?

What To Consider When Purchasing A Mattress

coil bed buying guide


When looking to buy a mattress, check out the mid-range to high-end mattresses. Very cheap mattresses may lack the support your body needs and will wear out faster.

Mattress Foundation

Even the most expensive mattress will render you sleepless if the base upon which it rests upon is poor. Divan or upholstered bases work for spring mattresses since both have springs and will complement each other. If you have a wooden stalled base, a memory foam mattress is the better option. Check out our review of the best memory foam mattresses today.


A typical adult’s body will thrive with a 10-inch mattress or more. Anything less may not support the body adequately.


Higher density foam is durable and will protect your back. Since innerspring mattresses are influenced by body movements during sleep, when purchasing one, ensure it has motion isolation. This will guarantee that your bed-mate’s beauty sleep remains undisturbed. Without this motion isolation, you can be sure that everyone sharing the mattress will have poor quality sleep.


If you or anyone in your household has asthma, you need to go for a mattress that does not harbor dust mites or develop mold. Traditional mattresses may harbor dust mites. Mattresses with natural latex and foam would be your best bet. If you choose an innerspring or air-filled mattress, you can use an allergen-resistant cover.

Good Stitching

You want to get a mattress whose filling is contained within the pocket and is not moving around. When the sides are stitched well, it is indicative of springs contained within pockets.


If you are a fan of mattresses that have that bouncy feel. Innerspring mattresses do have that. You have the option of choosing how springy you prefer it. A 12-inch metal coil is the thickest and firmest while 18-inch being the thinnest can be compressed easily.


Interconnected coils are long lasting. Coils in individual pockets reduce the ripple produced when there is movement on one side of the bed.


side sleeperThis is dependent on the sleeping style you prefer.  If you sleep on your side, a mattress that offers immense pressure relief is the best.  It should also give your body weight the necessary support and conform to your body shape. Cushy memory foam offers the most relief unlike a firm one.  Innersprings have a tendency to offer the most pressure relief than foam or latex mattresses.

If sleeping on your stomach is your cup of tea, a firm support offers the best support without smothering you with heat. A dense innerspring, air-filled or latex mattress works.

If you prefer sleeping on your back, you need a surface that offers your spine a healthy alignment while supporting you.

A Tossing and Turning Partner

A mattress with motion isolation can ensure you are not disturbed in the night. The downside is some of these mattresses offering motion isolation may be unforgiving to the restless sleeper, making them less comfortable.

Differing Preferences

If you and your partner have different preferences, you can have air-filled mattresses with dual chambers. You have the option of adding a separate topper.


Warranty may be indicative of confidence in a product and its lifespan. It is prudent to read the fine print to ensure that your warranty is not invalidated.

In your quest for the best innerspring mattress, you combine your preference to quality and comfort. Take a walk with me as we explore the various mattresses available in the market.

If You’re Unsure

Hybrid style mattresses combining the innerspring’s buoyancy and foam’s motion isolation offers the best of both worlds. It keeps many disputes at bay and accommodates a myriad of sleeping styles.


A third of your life is spent in bed. You want to make the most of it. Having an uncomfortable mattress will do more harm than good to your body and life in general. A mattress can either make or break your back.

It can alleviate your back pain or prevent you from developing back pains. Replacing your mattress is a hassle best left to the experts who can furnish you with a durable mattress. Most of these mattresses reviewed are available online and are packed compactly with an easy to unpack option.

Choosing a durable and high quality mattress is top priority when sourcing for innerspring mattresses. When buying online, scrutinize the return policy and warranty to avoid a raw deal. Innerspring mattresses vary in prices but due diligence is necessary to get the best innerspring mattress to satisfy your needs. Mattresses whether made from polyurethane foam or memory foam all have the qualities that a mattress requires to work effectively.

These reviews are out of my personal experiences with these mattresses. Created by dreamers, made by experts for life aficionados, you are sure to get an innerspring mattress that allows you to sleep, rest, refresh, dream and love life. From custom made mattresses to ready- made mattresses, you are sure to get the mattress that will have you smiling in your sleep. Obtaining information on the mattresses will allow you to compare and contrast as you make your choice.