Spindle Mattress Review – 100% Natural Latex Bed


  • Bed comfort: 9
  • Value for money: 7.5
  • Motion Transfer: 7.5
  • Edge Support: 8
  • Materials/Durability: 10
  • Return policy/Warranty: 8
  • Company reputation: 8

Have you been considering buying a new mattress? It is quite an exercise to choose the right one, considering how many options there are on the market at the moment. What type do you get – coiled, latex, memory foam mattress? Narrowing it down can be difficult.

I want to make things easier for you by discussing one of the choices out there. I have chosen the Spindle Mattress because it is pretty unique – it is made of Dunlop latex and comes in three different layers that you assemble.

But does that make a big difference to your comfort levels? Read my full spindle mattress review and see how the it performed.

You should consider spindle mattress if:

  • You are someone who wants a more eco-friendly option. The Spindle mattress layers are all-natural latex. The Dunlop method of processing has been used here, and this method is a bit more environmentally-friendly than is the case with Talalay latex.  There is also minimal off-gassing with this model.
  • You want value for money. Latex is more expensive than many of the options out there, but it is entirely natural and very durable. So, while it might be more expensive initially, it will last a lot longer. The Spindle comes in at a much better price point than other options on the market.
  • You sleep hot. Latex is not the coolest possible mattress material, but it does breathe a lot better than synthetic alternatives. The cotton cover and wool batting regulate temperature as well.
  • You want to customize your bed. The company allows you to select your ideal firmness. In addition, the Spindle layers can be rearranged as required to get the firmness that you want.
  • You like a bouncy mattress. Some people love sinking down deep into their mattresses. Others want something that is more responsive. If you are in the latter category, this will suit you much better than memory foam.

This is probably not a good choice for you if:

  • You are on a really tight budget. It is less expensive than other latex beds, but it is still not cheap.
  • You like being “hugged” by your mattress. If you want a mattress that you sink deeply into, this is not going to be deal.
  • You don't want any motion transfer. Latex is a lot more responsive than foam, and so motion transfer is a bit higher.
  • If you are classified as obese, with a body mass index of 30 or more, this might not offer sufficient support making it not suitable for heavy people.
  • You need a lot of edge support. Again, this performs better than foam in this area, but it is still not as good as a coiled option.
  • You want a simple out of the box solution. With this option, you have to assemble the three Spindle layers. You might need to rearrange them to see which order works best for you. It is not a huge deal, but it does mean more effort than usual.

Assembling the Mattress

spindle review 3 latex layers

This is a little more complex than a standard option. You will receive a separate box with each different layer in it and also a cover.

You need to lay out the cover and unzip it before putting the other layers in place. This is a relatively simple process, and the cover opens up completely. What is nice about having the cover separate like this is that it can be washed if necessary.

You start by adding the base layer. You will also receive a firm layer and a less firm layer. Add these two layers in the order you prefer. Align the layers and zip the cover closed and it is ready to use.

To be honest, this step can be a little tiresome, especially if you have a double-sized bed or larger. The larger the bed the more unwieldy the layers can become. However, it is not a major issue and the payoff is that you get to customize your bed completely.

Spindle Motion Transfer and Sinkage

One of the reasons to choose latex is that it is more responsive and has some bounce to it. So, there is going to be some motion transfer. Still, unless you have a partner that performs acrobatics in their sleep, it is not worth worrying about.

Adjusting the Firmness

If you want a much firmer mattress, place the less firm layer down second on the firm layer on top. If you want something with a little more give, put down the firm layer second and the less firm layer on top. Flipping the layers over can also help you to make micro adjustments in the firmness levels of your spindle mattress.

The Construction

Every layer is made out of latex. As mentioned above, the Spindle latex has been made using the Dunlop method and each layer is poured in one go. This helps to improve the overall structural integrity of the mattress.

Each layer is poured into a mold that creates the classic cells to allow for better airflow. The firmness of the layer is altered through a change in the texture of the latex and changes in the depth of the layer.

spindle top latex layer and cotton cover

The Spindle Mattress latex layer and cover

  • The base layer is the thickest layer and provides support for the topmost layers. This layer is always firm.
  • The firm layer is usually used as the middle layer in the bed. It offers deep compression support. If you prefer a softer mattress, you can also choose medium-firmness for this layer.
  • The firmness of the uppermost layer will depend on which option you chose when ordering and is the layer designed to provide comfort. With your Spindle mattress, you can choose between medium and firm options.
  • The cover is an organic cotton knit. It is hardwearing, durable and easy to clean. The cover is padded with wool batting. This has a few purposes – it acts as a flame retardant, and it helps to keep your body temperature more even. It can also draw sweat away from the body, helping to keep you cooler.

What is great is that the company has constructed a questionnaire that helps you choose the best option for you in terms of firmness. They will work with you if you feel that your chosen option is not quite the right fit.

You can purchase an additional latex layer more suited to your needs at a highly reduced price as part of their comfort guarantee.

Spindle Materials

The latex is imported with the primary source being Guatemala. The cotton and wool used in the cover are sourced in the United States.

They have a Class 1 Oeko-Tex certification. This means that the latex has passed the highest standards when it comes to being completely natural and not containing any harmful chemicals.

Other Things to Note

  • The company offer a comfort life program of 25 years. This means that you can buy additional layers at a highly reduced rate over time as your needs change.
  • The company offers a 10-year warranty on the manufacture.
  • There is a 1-year comfort settling in period as well. If you find that you really don't like the bed, all you do is to cut off all the tags and donate it to a local registered charity. You then submit the tags and the proof of donation to the company. They will refund your money. Do note; there is an administration fee of $200 for this return.
  • You have a 60-day price guarantee – should the price drop during the first 60 days after you have bought the mattress, they will refund you the difference.
  • Spindle mattress is made the United States.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Spindle gets my vote. It is an affordable option when it comes to latex, and the company has not cut costs by cutting corners. That the Spindle bed is made out of entirely natural materials is something quite important for me because I do not want to be breathing in chemicals while asleep.

The company does offer excellent service in terms of being able to customize your mattress – not always the easiest thing when it comes to a product that is made of one material only.


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