7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Mattress for You and Your Partner

Picking the right mattress can be challenging –even more so when it’s a mattress that you have to share with a significant other. To help you out are some tips on finding the perfect mattress that works for the both of you.

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1. Identify your preferences

Find out what you and your partner like. Two people can have unique preferences for firmness, support, and size so it’s important that you know what each of you like. Some couples like a mattress that isolates motion while others prefer a bed that allows for ease of movement. It also helps to know what your sleeping styles are. One person might be fussy in bed while the other is a light sleeper. These issues can be exacerbated when you have the wrong bed. 

Once you know your unique needs, it’s time to compare each other’s notes and see where you differ. You’ll want to prioritize factors that are most important to the both of you and talk about ones you are willing to compromise.

2. Consider motion isolation

If you’re struggling to decide what to pick, it may help to look at motion isolation first. This is a mattress’ ability to isolate movement in one area so the other part of the mattress is not disrupted. It’s an important factor especially if one of you is easily awakened while the other frequently moves in their sleep. For this kind of issue, you’ll want to look at mattresses that have a memory foam feature to them.

3. Size matters

Size can make a big difference in your quality of sleep. The bigger your mattress is, the more freedom you have to move around. Of course, this will depend on the size of your bedroom. You want to find the best mattress size for your bedroom. You’ll want it to be just big enough to accommodate the both of you without crowding the whole room.

4. Consider customized firmness

If you and your partner can’t agree on the firmness, you can get your mattress customized for dual firmness. This is when you have different firmness on two sides. It’s a bit expensive to have a mattress customized but it’s worth the price for getting better sleep. If you’re on a budget, you can instead get a split king mattress or an airbed which will allow you to have distinct firmness on each side.

5. Check for quality materials

A mattress should last you for a long time. If it breaks down easily, you’re stuck having to shop for another one again. Make sure to check the materials your mattress is made of. High end materials means it will last longer. Don’t compromise on this aspect since this bed will be supporting two people.  

6. Try it out

Lying on a mattress at the store is not enough to determine whether it’s the right one for you. This is why mattress companies offer trial periods on their products. Find a company that allows you a no-risk trial of at least 100 nights. This means there is no pressure for you to buy the mattress if you are not satisfied with it. 3 months should be more than enough time to determine whether the mattress is the right fit for you and your partner.

7. Be willing to compromise

With any healthy, long-standing relationship, there should be compromise. This includes settling for a mattress that may not necessarily check all your boxes. Know what factors are important to each of you and be flexible on other aspects. This will improve your chances of finding the right mattress, and the sooner you can get that, the sooner you can enjoy better sleep.

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