How to Clean Mildew from Bath Pillows

Wondering how to get rid of those awful mildew from bath pillows

Who does not want to spend hours, taking long, relaxing baths with the help of hot water, bath salts, and bath pillows to make sure that our relaxation is at its finest peak? But imagine preparing your bath and finding your bath pillow covered in mold and mildew? 

Well, unfortunately, if you are here, reading today’s article, chances are that you have gone past that step.

Now you are here wondering should you get a new bath pillow or is there a way to make your bath pillow new and comfy again?

Lucky for you – yes, there is an inexpensive, fast and efficient way that you can use to get rid of all that nasty mold and mildew in just a few minutes and you will have your opportunity to have a long, relaxing bath with your bath pillow along with you in no time!

Main Differences between Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are both types of fungi that usually grow and spread in warm, moist places – and your bath is just the perfect place if you think about it.

Although quite similar, these two types of fungi have their differences. They both can grow on various surfaces – from food to your shower, including your bath pillow. Their differences are actually found in their shape, size, and color.

While on the one hand, mold has its characteristic green or in some cases black color, with sometimes appearing as fuzzy, mildew usually appears as a grey or white patch.

It is suggested that mildew can be easily removed as compared with mold. However, both mold and mildew can be dangerous to our health, especially when children’s health is at question, which is why it is important to discover them as early as possible and take the necessary steps towards removing them from our house.

Ways to Clean Both Mold and Mildew

#1. Using a Natural Cleaning Agent Like Vinegar and Baking Soda

baking soda in a bowl

Sure there are millions of various cleaning methods and supplies that you can try but would you ever try a tested, natural cleaning method such as using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove mold from your bath pillow? Vinegar and baking soda mixture is an inexpensive, safe to be used, non-toxic and child-friendly cleaning method that will put your worries far behind you. This is because baking soda has antifungal properties, which has been scientifically proven.

All that you need to do is do some shopping for vinegar and baking soda, which you may even find in your kitchen now. The next step is mixing baking soda and white vinegar until you get a mixture in the form of a paste.

Both ingredients can be used individually as well, however, it is considered that when used together, they create a more powerful cleaning agent that will get rid of that annoying mold and mildew once and for all. Apply the paste all over the affected areas and let it sit for a while.

After around 15 minutes, continue towards scrubbing off the mold and finish with washing your bath pillow with cold water. You will have your bath pillow as good as new in just a few minutes with this easy, safe and inexpensive natural cleaning method!

#2. Using a Bleaching Agent

b;each spray bottle

If you are not interested in trying the mixture of white vinegar and baking soda, then you might want to try using bleach to get rid of any mold and mildew that has gathered upon your bath pillow. To do so, mix one cup of bleach and one cup of water and apply this solution to any area that is affected by mold using a spray bottle or a sponge.

You can choose to scrub off the mold or you can also leave the solution to not only get rid of the mold but also, inhibit any mold growths in the future as well. Once again, we have a tested, inexpensive cleaning method that you can use to get rid of any mold and mildew.

How to Keep Mold and Mildew Away from Your Home

Removing mold and mildew is one thing, but keeping it off your property for good is another. You have to rethink your cleaning methods in general. Perhaps you have not thought of keeping your bath pillow clean as you should have. Or perhaps it is time to change those expensive cleaning supplies and use bleach or vinegar and baking soda, not only to clean your mold but also to keep it as far as possible from you and your house, including your bath pillow.


Mold and mildew is not something that anyone would like to look at, especially not when they are trying to relax in a hot and nice smelling bath. Imaging having to wish to take a long bath using your bath pillow and later discovering your bath pillow covered with nasty mold and mildew. That is definitely not relaxing.

So why not try using bleach or a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to remove that gathered up mold and mildew off your bath pillow and create an opportunity for yourself to enjoy your baths once again. Plus, using these two cleaning methods will help you prevent any future mold growths, so that is a big plus if you ask us!

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