How to Clean Foam Mattress Topper

The average person sleeps for around one-third of their entire lifetime. While the quality of your mattress affects your sleep, the hygiene of your mattress can also have a surprising effect on your health and your sleep quality. 

Your mattress continuously collects a variety of materials, including sweat, stains, dead skin cells, dust mites, dust mites, tiny insects and, of course, dirt. As these materials build up, you are exposed to more-and-more every night. This can cause breathing problems, impairments in your immune function, allergic reaction and also problems with your sleep.

Keeping your mattress clean should be a priority in your life. Not only will it contribute to better sleep, but also to better health.

A memory foam mattress topper requires special cleaning techniques to preserve the quality and shape of the mattress. In this post, we’ll share a simple three-step process to help you keep your mattress clean and free from dust mites, as well as other possible pathogenic materials.

Preparing Your Mattress Topper for Cleaning

preparing to clean mattress topper

Before you start with the process of cleaning your foam mattress topper, it is essential to take some preparation steps. First of all, remove all the sheets from your bed – it would be a good idea to wash them while you clean your mattress. If you have not cleaned your mattress in a while, then it might be a good idea to take the mattress off the bed and place it in an area with proper ventilation. This will make cleaning larger spots and areas of the mattress easier, and allow the mattress to dry faster.

#1. Make Sure to Vacuum the Topper Frequently

Once you have taken the adequate preparation steps, you need to start by getting your vacuum cleaner out. This is the most basic step and should also be the first procedure you perform during the cleaning of your mattress. Give the entire mattress a good vacuum. If you have a vacuum cleaner with different nozzles, then use the smaller nozzles to get into the harder to reach places, such as along the seam.

The vacuum cleaner will efficiently eliminate grime and dust from the mattress, and can also help to reduce the buildup of bacteria and other pathogenic organisms. You can vacuum your mattress as frequently as once a week. If you are not planning to clean your mattress with a solution, then you can keep the mattress on your bed for this step.

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#2. Use Special Solutions to Clean Spots

mattress cleaning solution

After a good vacuum, the next step is to clean spots and then to wash the entire mattress. It is important not to use harsh chemicals. Just mix some water and vinegar to clean out spots that may be present on your bed, or use a solution of water and some baking soda. Once done, mix some powder washing detergent with water, or use a liquid washing detergent, and wash your entire mattress.

After washing, the mattress should be left to dry in an area that has optimal ventilation. Avoid direct sunlight, however, as this may cause your mattress to become discolored.

#3 Take Advantage of a Cover

mattress toper cover

Once you have given your mattress a vacuum, cleaned the spots, washed the mattress and allowed it to dry, the final step is to use a protective cover. There are many different protective covers that you can choose from, each with certain pros and cons.

A waterproof protective cover can significantly add to the overall lifespan of your mattress. These covers are placed underneath your normal sheets and will help to avoid liquid from getting in contact with the mattress. Some high-quality options will protect against sweat and more as well.

There are certain types of covers that you can use with unique features. For example, a selection of these mattress covers offers integrated anti-bacterial technology, which will help to prevent the buildup of pathogenic bacterium species on your mattress, as well as your sheets.

If you opt for a mattress cover, it is important also regularly to wash the cover. You can wash the cover with your other sheets, as the majority of these covers are machine-washable. This makes them convenient. Remember to wash the cover whenever you clean your mattress topper for optimal hygiene.


While you already know the importance of regularly washing your sheets, it is vital not to overlook the fact that cleaning your mattress is also crucial.

A clean mattress contributes to better sleep and a reduced risk of insomnia, as well as helps to reduce allergies and other potential problems that an unclean mattress can contribute to.

The steps we have shared in this post will help you keep your topper clean, while still preserving its quality and lifespan.

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