Purple Mattress Review

I get a lot of questions about the purple mattress because of their ingenious marketing and a successful crowdfunding campaign, so I was eager to try it out for myself.

Purple mattress is very unique and difficult to compare, until I slept on it. Not only did I sleep for a whole night without sweating, but my wife who is 7 months pregnant also says it is one of the best mattresses she has ever slept on.

This mattress can therefore be the difference between a terrible night that leaves you with a sluggish and unfocussed day, or a restful, pleasant night, that will help you shine throughout the day.

Important things to note:

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    They have a 100 night sleep trial period
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    Shipping – Free, compressed in a box
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    Purple mattress is exclusively sold only online
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    They offer a 10 year warranty

A review of the Purple mattress

You will like the Purple mattress if you…

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    Sleep in more than one position – I found Purple mattress comfortable when sleeping on the side, back, and stomach.
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    Want to sleep cool – the Purple mattress definitely sleeps cool
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    Are looking for pressure relief – I found Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer is actually great for pressure relief.
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    Want minimal motion transferAlthough this mattress has a large bounce, Purple mattress has very minimal motion transfer.

Buying a new mattress is an investment that everyone should take seriously since it’s crucial to your physical, emotional and mental well-being. With a little consideration, this is an investment that no should have to make more than once every decade.

By now, I am sure you have already spent some time trolling the internet for some great mattresses, considering how much you are willing to part with. Well, this is a new mattress in the market that is nothing like any mattress.

I found its new and unique hyper-elastic polymer grid unique and great for pressure relief. This material collapses according to the amount of pressure exerted on it.

Purple mattress appearance and construction

Right beneath the cover lies the secret to the Purple Mattress’ great reviews. It sits at 9.5” and made up of 3 layers:

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    Top layer: 2 inches of hyper-elastic polymer
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    Second layer: 3.5 inches of 1.8 lb polyurethane foam
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    Third layer: 4.0 inches of 2.0 lb polyurethane foam

The top layer is really the story of Purple, with a unique hyper-elastic material that accounts for the pressure relief, comfort and sleeping cool.

Accordingly, you will experience extremely cool nights together with a sensation of relief to all your pressure points thanks to its “smart-comfort grid” design.

The middle layer works as the transitional support for the top layer and is made up of 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam. Together with the top layer, the middle one is designed to provide transitional and deep compression support. The rest is 4 inches of additional polyurethane foam which acts as the foundation to all the comfort above.

Mattress cover

The Purple Mattress comes wrapped in a modern, all white, classical cover, with diamond prints and a huge Purple logo embossed on the side.

The cover consists of polyester (69%), Viscose (27%) and Polyester-lycra (4%), an intentional combination to make it as breathable as possible. 

The cover is also really stretchy and soft to the touch. The cover is machine washable and fits right back after drying.

Purple mattress performance

First of all, if you are reading this, then note that if you are willing to buy this mattress, then you are in for a different experience. It is not like your regular foam or pocket spring mattresses. It gives a unique sleeping experience largely due to its smart-comfort grid design and the hyper-elastic polymer.

Purple mattress raw egg test

Cozy, cool and breathable

Sleeping on this mattress will give you a sense of floating while at the same time, you will feel relief to all the pressure points your body tries to create by giving enough support. Consequently, it collapses only where it needs to, while the rest of the mattress remains sturdy.

This leads to more comfort on your entire back and spine. It also makes it easy to sleep with a partner without creating a black hole in the middle that sucks in everything like when using common mattresses.

The beauty of this feature is that it offers everyone the exact firmness they desire according to their body weight. This means that if you are heavier, you will sink further and hence find relief to any pressures by morning.

You will have to consider this feature if you are planning for some passionate activity in the bedroom.

The purple mattress cover and layers

The Purple mattress sits at 9.5″ thick and is built from 3 layers of foam & polymer

The cover’s material and the grid system also makes the Purple Mattress one of the most breathable in the market. The hyper-elastic polymer has a high level of bounce, similar to that of latex.

It shows a subtle difference though, especially when it comes to motion transfer. As a result, while you are sleeping on the Purple Mattress, you will not experience that “hugging” feeling of a mattress. The material of the top layer also responds almost instantaneously when switching positions.

Sleeping in a cool environment has been shown to provide various health benefits. For instance, deeper, more comfortable sleep, falling asleep faster and having a ‘glow’ during the day because of a higher retention of melatonin.

The Purple Mattress Smart-Comfort Grid design is equipped with air pockets that keep the surface extremely cool. This has been able to make the mattress, hands-down the coolest in the market especially when combined with the thin cover.

Even compared to other great mattresses such as Casper and Ghost Bed, the Purple Mattress outshines them both.

Purple Mattress user reviews and complaints

You cannot test a bed online, and it may difficult to tell exactly what will suit your needs, especially for those with physical problems such as injuries or body aches. One main disadvantage of this bed is its weight. The king size weighs around 150lbs, so ensure to make arrangements on how it is going to get to your bedroom. The other downside is that the firmness of this bed cannot be adjusted, instead, it adjusts itself according to your weight. You will not be able to order an extra soft or extra firm Purple Mattress and this can be a downer.

Some users have also reported some numbness to the arms and legs during the first few days of using the mattress due to too much firmness. The Purple Mattress comes in a pretty tight packaging therefore; it is recommended that you perform the “sock dance.”

This is where you put on clean socks and step on the mattress after spreading it on your bed for a few minutes for the first ten days or so. This technique should help soften the foam and even increase its lifespan.

Final Words

Like with any other mattress, it always boils down to a matter of preference. With the Purple mattress, however, you cannot say if you prefer it or not unless you really try it. The company offers a 100 free night trial so you could get it in on this. Some people prefer extra firm mattresses while some like a more pillow top feel.

The Purple mattress does not provide a huge amount of sink range, however, it is outstanding for relieving pressure points. Motion will be very well contained and you will not have to worry about being woken up by someone else moving besides you.

For the best experience, I recommend using the Purple sheets which are stretchy and breathable just like the cover. Its mattress protector is also top-notch; even though stretchy, it is still light and waterproof.

Overall, I think that Purple mattress is a very good purchase option and if you feel that it's not the ideal bed for you, then check out our best mattress guide here.


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