How to Stay Cool in Bed While Sleeping

Summer is awesome! It's time to get rid of all those layers of clothes and bulky jackets and enjoy the summer sun outside. With almost half of the world's population suffering from Vitamin D insufficiency, summer is by far the healthiest and most enjoyable season of them all!

The grass is soft and green; the sky is a soothing blue, you can finally eat ice cream without people looking at you funny and the days are longer.

Unfortunately, for most of us, summer loses its charm when we have to try and fall asleep in a sultry, hot bedroom. Stick around, and we'll be talking about a few things that will help you stay cool in bed this summer!

Distinct Ways to Stay Cool in Bed

1. Air conditioner

A decent air conditioner can keep your room-temperature between the cool temperatures of 60 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, for the best possible sleep. But not everyone wants to use an air conditioner. Maybe you'd rather spend your money on trips to the beach this summer, or you are an environmentally responsible person who prefers not to make use of air conditioners. Whatever your reasons, there are some cheaper and ecologically friendlier options that you'll be learning here.

2. Open windows

windows open

Of course! Just open your windows and let the breeze cool you down naturally. Sadly, this isn't always feasible. Nature could be busy elsewhere, and there could be no breeze to speak of or worse: the breeze could be blowing in warm air! If merely opening your windows to cool down your window won't work for you, don't despair. The ideas we'll give you here is sure to help you cool down and fall right asleep.

3. Sleep alone

For those of us who aren't sharing our beds with someone else, this is part of our sleep routines. For those who do share their beds, well, consider getting out of bed and sleeping on your own in the guest room or on the sofa. I know, the couch is bumpy and uncomfortable, but body heat can build up quite quickly and efficiently. If sleeping apart is an unbearable thought, at least get some distance between you. That should help prevent too much body heat from building up.

Practical Ways to Keep Your Bed Cool at Night

Go Egypti​​​​an

Most people have heard of this advice in some form or another. The Egyptians were masters at staying cool during the hot Egyptian summer nights. Their advice? Dampen a towel or sheet in some cool water and use it as a blanket. Pretty simple, right? Well, it's simple and effective. Remember to throw a towel or some sheets over the mattress if you don't want it to get soaked. Some people simply throw ice water on their beds, but I don't know how comfortable that would be.

Cool your shee​​​​ts

By putting your sheets in the freezer for half an hour before going to bed, you can ensure that your bed will be cool. You should probably put them in a plastic bag to prevent any weird smells. This method won't keep you cool for the entire night but it will keep you cool and could last just long enough for you to fall asleep before you start to feel the heat really. A good alternative  to cooing your sheets, is investing in one of our recommended cooling mattress pad.

Switch to cot​​​​ton

Instead of using polyester, satin or silk sheets, instead, opt for sheets made of cotton. They will be much better for airflow and ventilation during the night, and you'll feel much more relaxed with these sheets. Egyptian cotton sheets are highly recommended.

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Target your ​​​​pulse points

An easy way to cool down your body's temperature is by applying an ice pack to your pulse points. Where are your pulse points? They're at your ankles, your wrists, your neck, your elbows and behind your knees.

Hit the ​​​​bottle

bottle of cold water

No, don't reach for your favorite bottle on your bar counter. Alcohol is terrible for sleep, actually. I suggest you reach for your trusty cold water bottle instead. You can freeze it in your freezer and enjoy an ice pack that will be bed-friendly that you can keep close to stay cool.

Hang coo​​​​l

A smart way to cool your room without fans is to hang a wet sheet or towel in front of your open window; the breeze blowing in will blow through this cool moisture and pick it up, gently filling your room with coolness.


Well, there you have some innovative and simple ideas to keep you cool during the warm summer nights. Now you can get to sleep and wake up rested and ready to enjoy some fun in the sun!

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