My Pillow Reviews – The Good and the Bad

The My Pillow brand first burst onto the scene in 2005. Since that time, it has sold more than 25 million units, so there is plenty of evidence-based research that can attest to the quality it offers.

This Minnesota-based company has certainly gathered its share of happy clients over the last few years, and so I can reference a lot of good My Pillow reviews almost anywhere online.

My first time encountering one of these was while I was doing reviews of other products. This seemed too good to pass up, though – it offers high-quality, clever design and is made in the good old USA.

I found about this company while reviewing other products, that it uses excellent quality goods, originating from the US only.

Since I first came across it, I have noticed a lot of advertising about it, so naturally, I was intrigued. Would it live up to its promises? Is it a good option? Will it live up to the hype?

Because there are few that do live up to the promises made by marketing I decided to check it out for myself and do this My Pillow Review. Let us get to the facts.

Top-Sellers for the Company

  • Classic Series Pillow – Medium Firmness  
  • Premium Series Pillow
  • Roll & Go Pillow for Travel
  • Go Anywhere Pillow for Travel

Getting the Best Out of MyPillow

That is not to say that all has gone swimmingly for the company – they have had their share of controversies over the years. I’ll look at these a little more closely later on.

For now, though, it is a good idea to read through the recommendations made by the manufacturer to allow you to get the benefits that you would expect.

For starters, they do say that you need to take some time out every two or three months to clean it and that you look after it as recommended.

The company suggests washing it as normal, but then placing it in the drier so that it retains its puffiness. If you were to let it dry naturally, you could expect the fibers to lay down flat and so be less puffy.

But, my very best tip here would be more along the lines of what may be called common sense. When you are selecting the model you want to buy, do pay attention to the level of firmness that is important to you.

Also, take note of the shapes on offer. The company promises to provide the ideal pillow so that people are not forced to get up at any time during the night to change their pillow position.

If you start out with the wrong option because you did not pay attention to this, you would naturally have a bad experience.

More About the MyPillow Founder, Michael Lindell

my pillow founder

Michael opened his company in Minnesota, in a town called Chaska (I hadn’t heard of it before either.) The story about how he came up with the designs bears telling.

It actually started with Lindell’s search for the perfect sleeping option. He wanted to design something so that everyone could get that great night’s sleep.

He was tired of chopping and changing cushions, only to spend a lot of money on an item that let him down. After another expensive, this time memory foam cushion started going flat on him; he decided that there had to be a better way.

He envisaged something that was not going to deflate over time and something that would keep a nice cool temperature at night. He wanted the convenience of being able to use a washer and dryer with it.

This got him experimenting with a range of different fillers, foams, etc. until he finally designed his dream pillow in 2004. He went all out to sell it, and a lot of units were sold.

It was a great deal – the perfect option for a great night’s sleep and a ten-year warranty. What did anyone have to lose?

Complaints & Controversy

The primary controversy surrounding this product was the deal that was offered – “Buy one, and get one free.” What’s the problem with that, you might ask?

Well, according to the courts, it is somewhat misleading. Yes, you are technically getting a free unit when you buy the other, but you pay an inflated price for the first.

So, basically, it would cost you the same as if you bought two of the units at separate times.

Lindell does not agree that the company did anything wrong, and paid the fine of a million dollars. Understanding that you now know why it would cost more.

My advice would be to look at it as though you are buying two. That way the cost does not seem so bad. Is it technically wrong? Perhaps, but it is one form of advertising, and now that you know, you can prepare yourself.

How MyPillow Works

The concept at play here is that you want your spine as well-aligned as possible throughout the day. The problem for many options on the market is that they eventually lose their integrity and so cannot support you correctly anymore.

That’s where Lyndell’s invention comes out on top. It has been specifically designed to stay in shape. During the night, while your head is going to sink into the cushion, it is not going to flatten out entirely.


It features a three-piece filling that interlocks together. This makes it possible for it to adjust to the needs of a range of different sleeping styles.

The filling also has resin in the core that ensures that the foam stays in place once you have adjusted it to your liking.

The company has made sure that their product is resistant to dust mites, hypoallergenic, easy to dry in the drier and simple to wash in the machine.

Who wants bedding that you are unable to clean yourself anyway?

When choosing your cushion, it is important to get the perfect fit for you.

  • Yellow: Very firm
  • White: Moderately firm
  • Green: Firm
  • Blue: Standard

The site further goes on to recommend that if you are used to sleeping on softer options, like down, that you choose a softness level one step down from what you would normally get.

My Pillow Reviews Top Offers

I said at the beginning that this was going to be a comprehensive review, didn’t I.

Well, I have dealt with the history of the brand and the owner so let us now move on to the products themselves.

That way you know exactly what will suit you best before you even get to the site.

1. Classic Series Pillow in Medium Firmness

The Classic Series has a gusset two inches deep that is all around the sides of the cushion. This gives you the extra loft if you need it as a side sleeper.

There are four different levels that you can choose from when it comes to the loft, so you really have no excuses for not getting what you want.

The inner is made of open cell Polyfill to give you maximum breathability and comfort. This means no more waking up hot and sweaty for hot sleepers.

The cover is cotton, and the filling is hypoallergenic. It resists dust mites so makes for an excellent option when someone battles with allergies.

Best of all, though, if things end up looking a little grubby, just toss it into the washer and clean it. Dry in the drier and everything is good to go.


  • Easy to clean and dry – you can use the washing
  • Very comfortable.
  • Made in America.


  • The filling has a tendency to clump, especially when wet. That is the reason it is best to dry it in the drier.
  • It is not for everyone because it may feel too full.

2. Premium Series Pillow

The Premium series is even more innovative than the Classic one. It is with this series that you get the three pieces that lock together so that can get the perfect shape for your head.

Part of the charm here is that you can change your mind about firmness level at a later stage. Feel like you are resting your head on a plank? Take out one of the layers.

You get to make this perfectly suited for your needs.

You can also choose between different levels of firmness when you order. The pillow breathes well and is also excellent for hot sleepers during the night.

Like with the other models, this can be washed in your machine and machine dried. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you should be doing this every two or three months anyway.

Washing helps keep everything looking good and plump. It prevents the fibers from yellowing or taking on a musty smell.


  • This is one cool option for those that have trouble with being too hot at night.
  • It acts like memory foam does in some ways in that it fits your contours perfectly, it is a lot more responsive though.
  • The filling is hypoallergenic, the cover is cotton, and everything can be tossed into the washing machine.


  • The cover gets wrinkled pretty fast.
  • This does not feel like good quality fabric on the cover.

3. Roll & Go Pillow for Traveling

Are you someone who spends a lot of time traveling? Then this might well be a great option for you. It features the same filler and interlock method used with the Premium Series.

It responds to the weight of your head and helps your spine stay straight. You get a better night’s sleep because everything is properly aligned.

You can use it as is, or over another cushion. Use it as a headrest when traveling to and from your destination. If that doesn’t suit you, rolling it up and stowing it in your bag is pretty easy.

It can also double up as great lumbar support for when you are working at your desk.

If you like a range of options, this is the right product – there are ten different colors to choose from, and you also have a choice of patterns. So you get something that looks good and feels good too.


  • Packs up small for when you need to stick it in your bag.
  • Lots of color options to choose from.
  • Can help with lumbar support at a desk as we


  • Some users will feel that it is not firm enough.

4. Go Anywhere Pillow for Traveling

This one is also meant to be taken on the go with you. It is compact enough that the airline is not going to fuss about you taking it on board with you and still big enough to allow you some extra comfort.

Again here you can choose the level of softness or hardness that you prefer. If you want something with a  somewhat softer touch, look at the white range – these are moderately firm but do have some give.

These are guaranteed for ten years. Should it go flat in that time, you can return it for a full refund.


  • Easy to care for and will regain puffiness if dried in the drier.
  • Good support offered – you choose which level is best for you.
  • Well-made and will last. It feels cool against the skin.


  • There are those who complain that it is not hard enough.
  • There is some off-gassing initially. This can be minimized by letting it air out for the day.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – that is pretty much all that I have to say about these products, and so it is time to wrap up my M Pillow review. Is it worth the hype?

I feel that it is, but I do have two caveats here.

First, make sure that you pick your firmness level properly. Get this wrong, and you will not enjoy sleeping on it when it does arrive.

My second caveat is to make sure that you follow the care instructions carefully. If you do, you will have many years of faithful service from the cushion.

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