12 Tips on How to Create a Relaxing Bathroom

Who does not want to have a nice, bright bathroom with a huge bath where a long, relaxing bath can be prepared at the end of a hectic day at work?

Who does not want to enter into a bathroom that looks as if it has come from those fancy magazines that we all like to read?

Yes, we would all like to have a nice bathroom, and you know what? We all can! Perhaps you do not have the money to afford yourself a whole new bathroom, but you sure can find the time and effort to use what we have to share with you in the following article.

Today, we will share 12 brilliant hacks that will enable you to make your bathroom appear more welcoming and relaxing without too much effort or money. Are you interested to find out more?

Do you have a relaxing bathroom, or is your bathroom small, dingy and smelly?

When someone says a relaxing bathroom, we immediately think of a huge, bright, nice-smelling bathroom with perhaps colorful walls, a big mirror, clean and fresh towels and a beautiful view. However, not every one of us has the opportunity to own a bathroom such as this one. Is perhaps your bathroom small, or dingy or even smelly?

A bathroom that is any of those things cannot be a relaxing one. There is no possible reason why you would feel relaxed and calm in a bathroom such as that one.

12 Must Try Hacks for a Relaxing Bathroom

1. Use good lighting

bathroom lighting

You cannot do much if your bathroom is small, but you can change the light that perhaps is making your bathroom appear even smaller than it is. Plus, a good lighting will make your bathroom appear more welcoming, and you will have an opportunity to do your makeup under some good light for a change.

Make sure that you have as much as natural light as possible as well. Move anything that might be in the way of the light entering your bathroom through the windows.

2. Get a relaxing bath pillow

If you are a fan of those lovely, long baths to which you add bath salts and bath bombs from your favorite brands, then the only thing that you might be missing is a pleasant and relaxing bath pillow. You can find lots of different bath pillows, and you just need to find the one that fits your neck and head perfectly and helps you to maintain a physiological and relaxing body position in the bath without having to deal with those painful muscle cramps afterward.

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3. Add different textures

Add a fuzzy, soft piece of rug in front of your bathroom. Include some textured tiles and even a piece of wood to which you can attach your bathroom mirror. Add some metallic bathroom decorations and some stone pieces as well. Play with the different textures that you have on hand to create a relaxing and welcoming environment.

4. Buy yourself a beautiful bath caddy

bath caddy

Do you like to kick back and relax in the bath and so some reading? Or do you, perhaps, want to take your bedtime drink with you in the bath? Then the good, old bath caddy is the thing that you are missing. Buy yourself a good bath caddy or create it yourself, the choice is up to you. All that we know is that we just cannot relax without our bath caddy!

5. Decorate by using baskets

We often find ourselves with little to no space where to put our personal things in the bathroom. Where are you supposed to put all that makeup plus hairstyling supplies, your curling iron and still have a place for your towels? How about buying some beautiful baskets where you can store all those things and more without having to worry about space any more. Plus, they would look great as a part of your bathroom decoration which is always a plus!

6. Do not hide your towels

Towels can add to your decoration as well, especially if you own some of those fuzzy, colorful towels that you would instead show off than hide. Add some shelves on the walls where you can roll and display your towels. Plus, this way you will have your towels always within reach which might save you some time that you can use to relax in your bath a little bit more.

7. Add some relaxing paint

We are used to having white walls and tiles in our bathrooms, but how about we add a little color for a change? Keep the color to a minimum – perhaps use some peachy or baby blue, baby pink or even bright yellow colors to keep your bathroom appear more relaxing, clean and stress-free without too much effort.

8. Get a rain shower head

rain shower head

Enough with the old, plain shower head – your shower deserves an upgrade so why not get the fantastic, most wonderful rain shower head for a change? Not only will it help you relax your whole body, but it will also make your bathroom appear more luxurious and who does not want that?

9. Buy portable speakers

A lot of us like to listen to music while they take a shower or take a long bath. Using your phone to do so is not a very good idea, so why not get yourself some portable, waterproof speakers that you can add to your bathroom? Listen to your favorite music, relax and have a good time with your new portable speakers!

10. Add a dimmer switch

Yes, great lighting is a must however sometimes you just need to have a dimmer switch at your hand so that you can dim the lights, sit in your bath and drink wine in peace. Go ahead and add a dimmer switch to your bathroom – you will never look back.

11. Get an oil diffuser

How about enjoying a little bit aromatherapy while you take your relaxing bath? We recommend trying some lavender or lemongrass oil which you can add to your oil diffuser! If you're tired of those nasty smells in the bathroom! This hack will cover all those smells for sure, and reduce your stress levels at the same time.

12. Add some plants

home plants

Bring a little bit of nature in your bathroom by adding some of your favorite plants. They do not have to take up the whole space, and some small, cute plants can do the trick as well. You can add them to your window so that they can get all the light that they need or you can add them to the mirror and add a bit of luxury to your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Everyone can make their bathroom appear cleaner, more relaxing and enjoyable with the right tips, which is precisely what we have shared with you in today’s article. These 12 fantastic tips cover everything from decoration, lighting, paint, plants and essential oils being used in the bathroom and what is their purpose. 

You might have thought that you did not need any plants in your bathroom but take a second guess – perhaps you are wrong. Increase your relaxation and reduce your stress levels as soon as you enter your new bathroom – you will be amazed at the excellent results!

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