Finding The Perfect Pillow in 2020

A good pillow hands a good night’s sleep to you in silverware every night. But the perfect pillow literally serves you like a master. The perfect pillow literally adapts to your sleeping posture and habits, ensuring you of a custom sleep experience that spreads cushy comfort and assuring support all nights.

But there are dozens of good pillows in 2019. But we’ll cover the best types of pillows in the market right now.

Memory Foam Pillows

The memory foam remembers! Durable, ultra-supportive, generally comfortable and warm, the ordinary memory foam head rest hugs your body parts’ shapes. Lie on it and it gradually “sinks” to your contours, ensuring your curvature’s natural shape is well supported. Get off it and it “remembers” and plumps up to its original shape. That is what makes memory foam one of the best material for the best bath pillows for healthy relaxation in the bath.

Christopher Winter, MD, medical director of Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center, stresses the importance of spine alignment when searching for a pillow. He suggests memory foam pillows with contours for the head and neck and total body pillows as ideal pillows for side sleepers. Here are some better options.

They are a bunch of hybrid options to counter the cons of the ordinary memory foam pillow. Check them out here.

Pregnancy Pillows

Expecting baby? What a joy. Restful sleep will make the nine-month journey all the more memorable.

While pregnant your body is constantly undergoing physical and psychological changes. You need a supporting pillow as well as a good knee pillow. Three options are worthy here:

  • Body pillows: Are whole-body (54 inches long) pillows that cuddle your entire figure, shift around the sleeping surface less often and offer custom support and comfort for your changing body shape.
  • Lumbar pillows: Great for supporting and cushioning your lower back during this time. Are shaped to comfortably slide underneath your lower back region.
  • Wedge pillows: Are aptly named “wedges” that prop up your belly especially during the last trimester. Also awesome if you experience acid flux or love to read in bed.

Travel Pillows

When you need a huggy baggy to cuddle and have your back throughout your jet-setter lifestyle, you might prefer a lightweight, easily bag-able and durable yet comfortable and solid cushion. That combination is only easy to pin if you know what to look for.

Travel Pillow

Latex Pillows

A latex pillow can be made out of either 100% natural rubber from the rubber tree’s bark, or from synthetic rubber. The former is biodegradable, antimicrobial and offers solid head and neck support comfortably.

The latter is catching up but is especially unsurpassed at ventilation for all of you who sleep hot or experience hot flushes.

Down Pillows

Looking for the most luxurious pillow around? Look no further.

Down pillows make use of the softest, most delicate underbelly fluff of exotic birds such as waterfowl or European goose—no quills, whatsoever. The end result is a splendid, plush and soothing sleeping experience for every combination sleeper.

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Feather Pillows

Choose a feather pillow if you want a super soft, washable, lightweight and durable pillow this is the closest you’ll slide in without bleeding the premium cost of a down alternative. If you are comfortable with regular maintenance demands and shifting quills, you are only a shopping cart away from the sultry down experience for cheap.

Neck Pain Pillows

There is a plague of cervical pillows selling around, but not all are what the ads will swindle you to believe. The best chiropractic pillows right now serve an excellent concoction of custom support and soothing comfort to help align your entire body parts in agreement with your spine. Read more.

Buckwheat Pillows

Fresh from the growing fields, buckwheat hulls (husks protecting the kernel) are roasted to blow off field dust. They are then collected and punched into polyester-crusted pouches, making good pillows if you prefer all-natural, plant-based support and comfort underneath your mind’s HQ.

Microbead Pillows

Picture a bean bag and what you’d find in it. Now shrink the innards small. The end result is what a micro-bead looks like.

In a microbead pillow, there will be a load of those. They are polystyrene-made, so will offer medium-firm to firm support for your neck. However, like sand in a bag, they are not the best for ventilation, comfy support and if you move around the bed or beyond your bedroom.

Water Pillows

Trust a water pillow to adjust to your tosses and turns. Because its core is stuffed with a water-filled chamber, you can customize its support offering by how much water you tap in. Water also makes it denser, hence heavier. So it keeps its ground on the sleeping surface whether you move or not. The outer layer is made out of polyester for softer comfort.

Polyester Pillows

A staggering majority of people have a polyester pillow. And it is easy to snap up why: These pillows are rather cheap but last for ages, wash easily, and are readily available at the beddings store. You’ll find it filled with all manner of man-made stuffing. They are not perfect, though—far from it. They afford you the least neck support, ventilation, anti-dust and mite resistant.