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We all agree, snoring is so disgusting. I'll admit I used to snore so badly. Badly that my partner not only complained, but also thought I had sleep apnea.

Just like you, I've have suffered from this problem. However, the really issue is when you don't know what to do to stop offending your loved one. Well, at least that is what happened to me till I decided that I must stop snoring at all cost.

In my quest for a night without snoring, I tried a lot of snoring chin straps with hope to get something that will work for me.

Like you, I'll admit that most of the anti-snoring chin straps out there are pure crap and waste of money. I just wish I wouldn't say that, but surely what do you expect me to say when almost 95% of the devices I've tested turned out to be a scam or can I call it absolute junk.

I continued trying snoring aids because I knew I was not the beneficially. Look, my wife has been the victim of my snoring problem and all I was doing is to look for something that will put a smile in her face when waking up in the morning.

And If you’re reading this, am sure you're looking for something to help you stop snoring. Therefore without further ado let me introduce to you to something that I have personally bought and tested, My Snoring Solution Chinstrap.

What is My Snoring Chin Strap

In this review, I will dig deep to what anti-snoring chin strap is and how it works.

My Snoring solution is a snoring jaw strap that helps keep the lower jaw in an upward position during sleep.

Snoring studies have indicated that keeping you lower jaw in an upward position when sleeping increases the three dimensional space in the airway tube thereby reducing air velocity and soft tissue vibration.

When sleeping, the muscles in your face relax. The result of this is what causes your jaw to become loose leading to narrowing of the airway resulting to snoring.

Anti-snoring devices  like mouthguards and snoring chin straps helps stop snoring by holding the chin in the right position or restricting the movement of the tongue.

Brief history about My Snoring Solution

my snoring solution review

Stephen Matthews, the inventor of this wonderful anti-snoring chins trap almost died from obstructive sleep apnea. His nights were hell on earth and could spend most of his days sleep deprived.

Like any other person, his snoring did not only affect him alone but his partner too. It was at this time that he decided to get a CPAP machine. Like me, this was either a do or die thing. 

Later he learned that to buy a CPAP, he was supposed to get a prescription from a doctor that would take about three months of sleep study (polysomnography). That did not ogre well with Stephen who was determined to kick his snoring problem off his shoulder.

On his drive home, a nice idea came to his mind.

"I could just keep my mouth closed while I'm sleeping."

His idea gave birth to the first ever anti-snoring chin strap. A not so appealing strap that kept his jaw supported made out of a bath towel. Twelve hours later Steve woke up, lying there staring into his glowing wrist watch and actually realized he had slept for for 12 hours without waking up. Something that has never happened in his life.

After realizing how effective his innovation was, he dedicated most of his time enhancing the effectiveness of his chinstrap. And after a lot of modifications and tests, Steve finally release the product we know as My Snoring Solution to the market.

What is an anti-snoring chin strap and how does it work?

my snoring solution chinstrap review

How My Snoring Solution is designed to work

To learn how this anti-snoring chin strap works, it is vital to first understand what causes snoring.

When the jaw opens and the tongue falls into the back of the throat, it leads to narrowing of the airway. This creates vibrations when the air is moving from the mouth or nose to the lungs.

Many people begin sleeping with their mouth open as early as five years of age. When this happen, the sleeper starts experiencing snoring and other problems associated with obstructive sleep apnea. With the use of an effective jaw strap, the lower jaw is held upward and the tissues in mouth are retained gradually reducing snoring.

How much does it cost?

You'll find that this is the not the cheapest option in the market. My Snoring Solution chin strap does cost a little more. At $119.97, this anti-snoring chin strap is the most expensive chin strap I have bought. However, considering you get two items for the price of one, it's a little more reasonable.

This does really work out well if your partner also snores - though that  is not the really conversation here. As mentioned earlier, the company provides a 90-day money back guarantee - however, some users have reported to incur 25% disposal fee and and to and fro shipping costs.

Who is this snoring chinstrap made for?

My Snoring Solution is an anti-snoring chin strap that works by holding the mouth closed when sleeping. That can be problematic to people with deviated septum, nasal congestion and sinus problems that need to breathe through their mouths.

If you're a suffering from allergies, you may want to consider buying one of the snoring mouthpiece such as Zyppah, as a backup.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring occurs when the flow of air from the mouth or nose to your lungs makes the tissues of the airway vibrate due to obstruction or narrowing in the mouth, nose, or throat.

Here are the contributing factors to snoring:

1. Airway obstruction

Snoring is usually caused by an obstruction of the upper airways. This can be caused by the muscles in the back of your throat relaxing when you sleep or by your tongue falling back into your mouth, obstructing the flow of air. Excessive alcohol or taking sleeping pills before bedtime can worsen the relaxation, thereby increasing the chances of snoring.

2. Being overweight

If you’re overweight, that could also be the reason you’re snoring. Overweight people usually have bulkier throat tissue, which blocks the airways.

Here is the connection between weight and snoring

3. Your allergies are acting up

If you have seasonal allergies, it could be the reason behind your snoring. If that is the case, then you aren’t a regular snorer like me, and you only snore when your allergies are showing their ugly heads. During allergies (or sinus infections) your nasal airways are obstructed, causing snoring.

4. You could have a long uvula

No, I am not insulting you. The uvula is that funny-looking thing that dangles in the back of your mouth. (Most people know this, actually. I only learned the name of that thing when I started researching the reasons for snoring.) If you do have a long uvula, it could narrow the opening from your nose to your throat, which causes vibrations leading to snoring.

Positives and Negatives of a Snoring Chin Strap

I know you would love to understand how My Snoring Solution chinstrap perform and the pros and cons.

The positives

  • Very Comfortable – Despite looking like something a rugby player would wear, My Snoring Solution is comfortable after few days of use.
  • Money-back Guarantee – The company promise a 90-day money-back guarantee. However, I've heard stories from people who returned this item and incurred 25% disposal fee.
  • 2 for 1 – When you order the chinstrap you will see that you get two chinstraps. This is great for people who travel. One chinstrap stays home while the other one travels with you.
  • WashableIf you like to keep anything that goes on your head clean (like I do), then you’ll be happy to know that the My Snoring Solution chin strap is machine washable and won’t fall apart after one wash.
  • Three sizes to choose fromThe three sizes that you can choose from are based on weight. The small option will fit anyone who weighs up to 120 pounds. The medium option is fit for people who weigh between 121 pounds and 240 pounds, while the large option will fit for people who weigh more than 240 pounds.

The negatives

  • Takes time to adjust – If you haven’t used an anti-snoring chin strap before, you will find that your jaw will be a little stiff and sore the next morning for a few days.
  • Pricey – This anti-snoring chin strap is a bit more expensive than many other anti-snore products that are more effective, but if you take into consideration the fact that you get two chinstraps at a price of one makes the price more accommodative.
  • No breathing through the mouth – Obviously while you wear the stop snoring chinstrap your mouth will be shut. That can be problematic to people with sinus problems that need to breathe through their mouths.
  • Not cleared – At this point, the My Snoring Solution chinstrap has not been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, yet.


Now that you've read this far, I’m sure you've made a decision on whether My Snoring Solution chinstrap could be the product you need to help you to stop snoring. Of course, there will be people who won’t find this chinstrap as ideal, like people who need to sleep with their mouths open at night. But if that isn't the case, then you should consider giving this chinstrap a try.

You could always return it if you find that it doesn't work for you but I doubt you’ll want to. If you’re tired of snoring, go on and get the My Snoring Solution chinstrap.

When I first tried it, I was depleted and desperate. After the first night of using the chinstrap, I had already felt better because I was sleeping better. I found  an alternative solution to my snoring device

If you use or plan to buy this product? Please don’t forget to share your past experiences or thoughts below!

6.5 Total Score

My Snoring Solution chinstrap is an average option to stop snoring, especially for people who don't love anti-snoring mouthguards. This jaw strap is machine washable, and some busy sleepers find it more comfortable. The design is also nice and can be a good option for people who hate the idea of sleeping with a mouthpiece.

  • This chinstrap is machine washable
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Available in three sizes to choose from
  • This jaws trap can be good for busy sleepers
  • For first users, it's not comfortable
  • No breathing through the mouth thus unsuitable for people with sinuses
  • Charges a 25% disposal fee for returns
User Rating: 4 (1 votes)
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