How to Get Your Kid To Sleep in Her Own Bed

There is nothing as tough as breaking that strong 'bed bond' between parents and their little girls or boys at any age. Most parents feel reluctant to let go, but as the days go by, most parents realize that it is time to let go and teach their kids a little independence finally. Although some kids settle in this kind of arrangement faster, some of them need a lot of work and sacrifice from the parents to help them gain confidence to sleep alone. If you are a parent needing help, here are a few tricks on how to get your kid to sleep in her bed.

The sooner, the better

baby sleeping in a good bed

Parents agree that getting a one year old to sleep alone is easier than a five-year-old.

Most of us spend at least the first three years or so sleeping in the same bed with our kids but what we do not know is that this kind of bond to break is the hardest. Kids are very intelligent individuals, and they learn from their parents and respond well at an early age. The longer you wait, kids become rebellious, cry a lot and even resist the urge to be separated. Some may feel less loved which could be a painful thing to the parent. So, start early, and they will automatically know it is normal at an early age as opposed to waiting too long to do it. Many parents say getting a one year old to sleep alone is easier than a five-year-old. So, start early when tantrums are at the minimum.

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Give them time to adjust

All kids love trying new things but being alone at night is not an easy ride for most of them especially the 'grown' ones. So, introducing new things to them slowly and being patient in whichever way they choose to react, can help them get past this disappointment without feeling neglected. Yelling at your kid, shouting at him/her or forcing them is not a good way to help them feel confident. As a parent, the more composed, cheerful and happier you look, the more helpful you will be at making it easy for your kid to adjust.

Make it fun

Kids love fun things. Just spending an entire day decorating your little girl's or boy's room together, can make them eager to move in faster. Letting them make suggestions on how their room should look like is a win-win for both of you. This kid will be eager to sleep alone simply because they feel like they have 'earned it.' So, make it fun and see how easy it will feel like.

Boost their confidence

When you are more confident, you are likely to be more independent. So, taking your kid to your friend's house who has a kid sleeping alone can be a morale booster. In fact, many parents swear by this little trick. Letting a kid see another kid room, helps them question themselves and their ability to do things on their own. Some parents swear that they had their kids in their beds after weeks of doing this. Often, this is followed by questions like, "mom, why can't I have my bed?" This is your starting point in getting them their bed!

Getting a kid to sleep alone in their bed is not all that tough. All you need to do is make it fun and be happy about it. The more depressed you look, the harder it will be. We love them, but teaching them confidence and independence, it is the best gift for them at an early age.


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