5 Facts That You Should Know About Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have been around for a considerable amount of time. These beds offer one of the most versatile range of options when it comes to providing a comfortable place for kids to sleep. In addition to being the perfect option for allowing your kids to have a great bed, bunk beds are also popular options chosen when it comes to having a spare bed for sleepovers. These beds have even become popular in military settings, where space is often a scarce resource.

Over the years, bunk beds have been improved significantly, and today, bunk beds vary in style, features and more. This gives you a flexible range of beds that you can choose from – from the simple bunk bed that can be a couch at day and a bed at night, toward more creative options that offer a complete solution with a built-in cupboard and upstairs bedroom for the kids.

In this post, we want to share some interesting and fun facts about bunk beds. While you may already know about some of the facts that we are about to share with you, there will definitely be a few facts that may come as a surprise to you.

1. No one knows for sure where the idea of bunk beds originat​​​​ed

The origin of bunk beds remains one of the most mysterious facts about these beds. No definite evidence can provide proof of when or where exactly the idea of bunk beds originated from. Some suggestions have been made that often links the original design of the bunk bed to ancient Egyptian times. There is also some evidence that suggests these beds might have originated from Europe.

2. Urban​​​​ planners have been utilizing bunk beds for a long time

bunk beds in a room

Urban planners often aim to provide people with more affordable housing solutions, which often require the setup of smaller apartments or even shared spaces. In some cities throughout the world, with New York and London being two of the most important examples, community housing has become popular – a type of setting that often utilizes the portability of bunk beds to allow multiple beds to fit into a single room, or to ensure a bed can be fitted into smaller rooms.

3. Mil​​​​itary facilities often rely on bunk beds

Bunk beds are not only a popular choice for residential settings, but also for other types of facilities. The military, in particular, often turn to bunk beds due to the compact size and the ability to fit multiple bunk beds into a relatively small space. Not only do bunk beds offer an excellent option for military facilities on land, but also makes an excellent addition for providing a sleeping chamber for soldiers of the sea.

4. The fu​​​​ture of bunk beds seems very attractive

Many companies are becoming interested in utilizing bunk beds to provide convenient services and features to their customers – this means bunk beds are here to stay. There are even some airlines and other transportation services that are considering the installation of bunk beds to provide a way for travelers to rest up before reaching their destination.

5. Bunk beds come in many different sizes, styles, and designs

The most attractive feature of bunk beds would be the fact that they are so versatile. While bunk beds were pretty much only available in similar settings a few years ago, you can now shop for bunk beds that range in size and design. Many bunk beds offer extra features that make them perfect for certain settings, such as an addition to your kid’s bedroom.


Bunk beds might still be considered the most popular option when it comes to selecting an appropriate bed for the kids, but these beds are also becoming popular options in certain types of housing settings and even in military facilities. With the many choices we are faced with today, bunk beds may just be the choice of bed you have been looking for.

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