Studies Show Eating More Fish Can Improve Your Sleep

Good sleep is essential for your general well-being. You should get enough sleep to ensure you are in great shape. Researchers from Oxford University, United Kingdom, found out that eating fish can help improve the quality of your rest. The study conducted among 362 children was used to find out whether fish can help improve their sleep. Sleep problems have been linked to poor health and the mental process of gaining knowledge.

The University of Pennsylvania also in their research on the relationship between eating fish and getting quality sleep found that regular fish consumption helped improve the quality of sleep among school children.

Researchers also found out that children got excellent results in their tests when they have enough sleep. There is a great connection between fish consumption and your mind's ability to acquire and understand what you are taught. This comes about when you get enough sleep after consuming fish. Studies also show that sleep and memory improvement is not only limited to young children but adults. However, adults are advised to eat it just a few times in a month to improve the functioning of their brain. Make fish part of your diet at least once a week to witness great improvements in yourself and your kids at school. 

Omega-3 and improved sleep

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil can help improve your sleep. Fish oil is located in the tissues of an oily fish. Other benefits you can get from using it include reduced depression, weight loss, prevention of stroke among others.Omega-3 helps reduce anxiety which improves your sleeping patterns. You can get fish oil from consumption of the fish itself or supplements. Some of the fish where you can derive omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, tuna, and tilapia.

fish fillets rich in omega-3 fatty acids

According to the research conducted by University of Oxford, United Kingdom, omega-3 DHA is helps improve one's sleep. The analysis was used to find out if 600 mg supplements of omega-3 would help improve sleep. The study was conducted between two groups of children; one used omega-3 and the other omega-6 to find out if there will be changes in their sleeping habits. The final results revealed that children who were taking omega-3 experienced better sleep compared to the others. There is a great difference in the omega-3 you get from foods and that which comes from supplements.

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Omega-3 found in fish is all natural unlike that of supplements, which might be laced with chemicals or preservatives. You should consume or give your children nutrients from the source to experience excellent results. One is advised to introduce their children to fish or products made from fish at an early age. This will help improve both their IQ and sleep. Introducing the taste of fish to your child's diet at an early age will make it more appetizing to them, therefore increasing their consumption.

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