A Cooling Mattress Pad Can Help You Sleep Better

If you are having a problem falling asleep at night or staying asleep once you’ve fallen asleep especially for ladies who studies have shown need more sleep than men, the problem may be your bedroom temperature. Experts say that your bedroom should be dark, cool, and quiet. Studies have shown that sleep is initiated by a drop in core temperature. This can be aided by keeping your bedroom temperature between sixty and seventy degrees at night or purchasing a cooling mattress pad.

cooling mattress pad is specifically made to keep you cool at night when no other mattress topper can do the job. Gel memory foam will sleep cooler than regular memory foam but for some people not cool enough. Memory mattress toppers and latex foam mattress toppers both do a good job of temperature regulation but for some people they are still too hot. When nothing else is doing the job it may be time to try a cooling mattress pad.

There are two types of cooling mattress pads. The first uses a blend of man-made and natural fibers that wick away moisture from the body which allows it to evaporate. This helps you to feel cool and dry and provides better body temperature regulation.

The second type uses plastic tubing that is embedded in the mattress pad. This tubing is used to circulate either cool or warm water throughout the mattress pad. That’s right. This pad can be used to both-heat or cool your bed.

The advantages are obvious. In the summer you can save on cooling costs because you won’t need to keep your whole bedroom as cool. In the winter you can save on heating costs because you can heat only your bed instead of your whole house! Electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’s may be a problem when using a heated mattress pad but not with this product. No Wires!

The water is circulated using a small electric pump. This pump is actually very quiet but you should probably check it out for yourself to make sure the noise won’t be a problem. Some mattress pad also contains a heating unit to heat the water which in turn heats the mattress pad to keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

On average most mattress pad users report that some of the products in the market uses about eighty watts of energy which is a lot less than using your air conditioner or turning up your thermostat. You can also buy a model with dual zones which will allow you to regulate the temperature of each side of the bed separately.

A cool sleeping environment is not the only thing you need to insure a good night’s sleep. You bedroom must also be as dark and as quiet as possible. Avoid night lights and television and try to avoid caffeine within six hours of bedtime. A regular sleep pattern can help, and even a warm glass of milk before going to bed may help. The point is that a number of factors can contribute to a good, restful, reinvigorating night’s sleep.

If you suffer from hot flashes or night sweats a cooling mattress pad could be just what you need but be sure to do your research. Most but not all customer reviews are favorable so be sure to check them out. We find the reviews at Amazon.com particularly helpful. Use the available reviews and recommendations as a guide and I’m sure you will find the mattress pad that will do the job for you.

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