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Studies Show Eating More Fish Can Improve Your Sleep

Good sleep is essential for your general well-being. You should get enough sleep to ensure you are in great shape. Researchers from Oxford University, United Kingdom, found out that eating fish can help improve the quality of your rest. The study conducted among 362 children was used to find out whether fish can help improve […]

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How to Sleep on Your Side the Right Way

Side sleeping has its advantages. It hunches your torso and bends your knees on one side. You end up being comfortable in the stomach and abdomen area, and this is the recommended position for pregnant women. Besides that, it is a nice position for most people since they feel free and relaxed when they wake […]

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Importance Of A Good Mattress To Your Health

In recent years every expert out there, from billionaire hedge fund investors to sleep experts at the National Sleep Foundation has arrived at the same, insightful conclusion: Sound sleep is too important.Good quality sleep will help you have better memory, more focus, less stress, optimal blood pressure, improved productivity, better relationships and happier days, lose […]

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