Tell-tale Signs It’s The Best Time To Buy A Mattress

Is it always a good time to buy a new mattress? How about any time of day or night when you have access to bandwidth, can click away with your mouse, and have the new bundle at your doorstep in no time? Or how about any time you can hop into a beddings store and point out your favorite sleeping surface? Well, there really are best times to buy a mattress—aside from the above. Whatever your motivation, here are a bunch of handy tips for when all the rights signs pop up to help you make that buy-your-best-mattress-now decision. Check our best memory foam mattress guide here

What is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?          

1. When your current mattress is sagging, or more

A sagging mattress says a couple of things:

  • The firmness of the material used to build it has outlived its Knight-In-Shining-Armor days.
  • The mattress no longer has the integrity, material, structure, and guts to provide your body with the support it once did and should have. It is indeed thinning out
  • With sagging (or independent of it), comes noises. If your mattress produces squeaking sounds, it might be that the coils within are broken or something is just not right—and will only get worse

All these mean a new decision and business are calling

2. Try Mattress Shopping in May

May has the best mattress deals. Because new mattress models and technologies come into the market in the month (through to September), more dealers offer deals around this time to clear older stock. Simultaneously, new mattress manufacturers want to create a buzz around new models and mattress technology. Often, this comes with a limited time offer on some brand new mattresses that might just offer what you are looking for in a mattress. Mattress, beddings, homes expos and furniture exhibitions are some of the places to grab yourself a good bargain for the new mattress. Try mattress shopping on or around Memorial Day, Labor Day, and President’s Day and see what you’ll get.

3. When You Wake Up to an Aching Back or Joint

back painThe smartest, most effective way to determine when to buy a new mattress is after observing that back pain and joint pain that never seemed to bother your good mornings has become a part and parcel of your morning routines in recent times—of course, without invitation. If you are suddenly snoring yourself to insomnia or are keeping your partner awake with a new-found mowing grunt, you might need a spanking new pad to make it stop. Sleep experts have found that if, while asleep and your back isn’t supported properly and in proper alignment, airways tend to get blocked. In an attempt to keep you alive the body will force breathing through the tight up spots leading to the “wheezing effect”—albeit much louder and grunty too. Also, if you are suddenly tossing and turning, and your marriage, job or another apparent source of stress is clearly not to blame, your mattress might be one thing backbiting you.

4. Is it January, March or July?

These times present an end-of-the-year sale for some major furniture and beddings dealers and brands. The trick is finding out who is closing their books at these times. In fact, most will offer the best mattress deals just before or just after stock-taking to clear older inventory and replenish showrooms.

5. All year round. But…

As Executive Director of the Better Sleep Council (BSC), Nancy Shark, affirms, mattress retailers report sales all year around. But, choosing who to buy from is a smart mattress-shopping move. Did you know that buying a mattress from a mattress dealer, on average, offers better value for your buck than purchasing from the regular departmental store? Mattress dealers usually offer better warranties, zero-percent financing, delivery times, and even free haul away packs for your older sleep pad. Now you know. Surely, it all depends on what you truly are looking for: maybe you are after a great bargain, or need to urgently buy a new mattress for the first time, or are looking to replace your current sleep surface for something more accommodating of your life and style.

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